Wednesday, December 30, 2015

From Elder Monzingo

So this week has been interesting. For one our Brazilian roomates have moved on to the mission field which waws kinda eh i guess. Cause they were really cool and they helped with the Portuguese. Especially the one that actually knew pretty good english cause he taught us new words and whatever. But I think we have new ones I just dont really know. Another Brazilian that has gone on to the field that was a good friend of really everyone in the district was Elder M. Alves. That guy is awesome. Doesnt know english but he is the only member in his family and he earned all the money for his mission himself fighting. Which I think is pretty darn cool. 

Anywho we had Christmas here which was really rather cool. For one we got to wear our excercise clothes all the first half of the day which was rather nice. But that first half we did some volleyball, basketball, and these paper airplane contest thingamajigs. Then after we changed we went and watched the broadcast for the MTC Provo Christmas devontional with Elder Bednar, which was awesome. He, his wife, and one of his sons and his family spoke. One of their grandchildren sang these two primary songs, one spanish, and that was actually really kinda cute. Cause its this, sixish year old girl that is kinda being broadcasted around the world to every MTC. But Elder Bednar did a Q&A thing with all the MTCs. we didn't get to submit questions but that was still absolutely very cool. I would do that every year if I could. But then afterwards we went and played games in the main auditorium, ping pong, Uno, puzzles, these team games, other stuff, Legos. Elder Dixon and I built this tower out of them that we dubbed the tower of Babel, cause it was a lot of legos. There's a picture of him holding it. But then we got ties from President Swenson, MTC President, who actually leaves at around the same time as us. From what Ive heard at least, also in case I haven't said it his son is the missionary baptizing some one on the front of the missionary call packet that everyone receives. So that's kinda cool. Also it rains everyday.

Also one thing you don't expect to miss is not having to wear shoes in the shower. Cuase you need to wear shower sandals in the shower or risk foot fungi so you do. One handy thing is the window showers that have windows at about head level so you can store soap and shampoo and stuff there instead of shampoo on the floor or something. But what becomes useful can also make an interesting story, like say using a window shower and when putting your soap back in its case the case happens to shoot out of the window and fall about 5 stories. Thats pretty exciting. But yeah. Good times. 
I think that's about all I have for today. I love all of you guys. Oh! I almost forgot that we went proselyting yesterday. That was kinda interesting, each person got 4 BoMs and had to hand them out. So our companionship had 12, but its interesting. Cause it wasnt that hard because I know the language for at least that, it was more of where do we go and then actually talking to people. But then there are some people that ask questions which isnt too bad it justt depends on the questions. And if you understand what they are saying. Which doesnt neccessarily happen all the time. Or a lot. I don't know whatever. But yeah. I love you all. 

Elder Monzingo

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