Monday, January 30, 2017

transmissions and RAIN

Here is the latest news from the missionary:

This week we had a world wide transmission for missionaries which was pretty cool. I was rather happy with it especially seeing as how I got to listen to it in a language I understood. Namely, Portuguese. Last year it was transmitted to us in the same language just seeing as how I had gotten here in Belém literally the day before I understood absolutely nothing that they were saying that time. BUT, one year late and you get the hang of the stuff they say in other languages. But the rest of the week was also pretty cool. We have run into several people that are married recently which is like, Awesome! It's so stupidly rare to find people like that you wouldn't believe. So the Lord is definitely throwing some miracles our way. Now I just hope that these people decide that we are nice missionaries. So here's hoping for the best. I love you guys.

Also this is what a year and a little bit of walking every day does to shoes.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


As much as he has grown, it's good to see that he can still play.

Saturday, I played Bloons Tower Defense.

These were the Bloons that were used at the 1 year anniversary party of Cristian, the kid of our investigator family that we are working to get married.

I decided to sit down and they ruthlessly attacked me. 

I was swallowed, engulfed in a sea of never ending bloons, doomed to certain death. 

Miraculously I managed to fight my way out of the sea of hostile bloons and stand. However they were extremely persistent and kept holding on with their evil destructive bloon powers. As I walked around, frantically trying to free myself from their evil clutches I managed to free myself and they returned to their normal form. But, as I was now free, the tables had turned. And I turned my Wrath upon them and signaled their doom. They gave a considerable resistance, fighting for their lives. But they were no match in the end for my awesome bloon popping skills. Their bubbles popped, their tyranny destroyed. We rid the land of their evil reign, never to return again.

On another note I found a rather nice childhood toy in the form of a Nerf gun(Which are super expensive here, like a small one is around 120 reais, Like WAAAAAYYYYYY too expensive) That was cool. Seeing as how there were no darts I didn't shoot anything but that's ok.

 And yesterday was the transfer. I'm staying in the area to end my son's training. But like, pretty much the rest of the mission changed. We had 1 Assistant and 10 Zone leaders go home. So there's a lot of changes. On the list of the dead this transfer is my Trainer. That kinda sucks. I had wanted to see him before he got sent off. Hopefully I can get i a phone call today. But I'm gonna miss that guy. he really is pretty awesome. Taught me a whole lot. There are seriously things that I can still see that I do that he did. I can see a lot of things he did to help me out. He made sure that I left my training ready for anything. But yeah. Papai já se foi. tchau Papai. Terei saudades. Eu amo vocês meus amados!!! Até semana que vem!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Cures

Weather today in Belem: 82 feels like 90.

This week, well yesterday actually, I had a special opportunity to do something that I haven't in a while. We went to the house of this one member 
who was sick and then we gave him the sacrament. That was awesome. I saw something in there that I don't think that I realized before. I saw him tear this big chunk of bread to eat, and then he ate it piece by piece. I got to think about that a little. I could almost see that bread and that cup of water wiping everything clean. That was super special. I didn't take the sacrament in that moment but that was really special to me. The sacrament, and the atonement really do have the power to heal us. They can make us whole. Any wound, in whatever place on our heart and soul can be made whole. But we have to let it be made whole. The things may leave their scars, but we can be whole again. Heavenly Father lets us find our way back to him, lets us become whole. 
Alma 7:11-12
Psalms 147:3
I Love You Guys. Pay attention to the little moments like these. They are the most important. Talk to y'all next week. 

Also forgot something. I got this box from some of the primary in my ward. It came with some funny cards(Among which was "marry Christmas") And Candy canes. So I did this. Was mummified and buried on top of a matress

Monday, January 9, 2017

More Hospital

 Best way to fight winter blahs? Email with pics from our favorite missionary!

So I think that this area has me doomed to visit the hospital frequently. We went there today to do this exam that my companion had to do. Well everyone said that he was gonna be suuuuper drugged up and would be totally out of it. Except that seemingly didn't happen, he's fine. Which honestly I thought that he would be fine. So not that much of a surprise. But I think he's still a little freaked out. cause in the morning he was really nervous and he forgot a few things that happened right after the exam so I think he isn't fully recovered mentally. 

BUT, the week was cool. Everyone here is starting to catch fire. Bishop is helping us out to start getting all of the members a lot more involved in the work to help out our investigators. There was also a baptism that the sisters in my district had. I actually knew the guy a little bit before hand, and had the immense pleasure of giving him a baptismal interview. I loved how well he understood the atonement. Like it's something that everyone needs to understand. But he understood a lot better than other new members that I've met. His name is Moises. but he asked me to do his baptism. And it was a good thing we went. Honestly the whole thing wouldn't have happened without us seeing as how there were almost no people present for some reason. But things will all get better right? Right.

 But we also helped this one less active/part member family move. We showed up at their house in the exact moment that we were doing the move. So we went and helped put all the stuff in the truck then got in the truck and helped pull everything out. Which was awesome. Especially seeing as how we have no idea how they would've done that without us. I think we got sent there for a reason. Now we just gotta help them get back to church and it'll be even better. So yeah. 

Also the Clint Eastwood thing is something we saw today. It's essentially a beard cut place. And yeah. I love you guys!

Monday, January 2, 2017


This week in Monzingo house we have an abundance of birthdays. Actually, the birthday celebrations start right before Christmas with Daniel. New Year's Day is Jacob's birthday and then the very next day is Elizabeth's. (We have another teenager in the house.) Here is the latest from Elder Monzingo.

So this week was cool. I went on an exchange with another missionary which is apparently going to happen again and thinking abou it I've been on those for like a week straight. But it was cool. It's all been going good recently. This week we've been visiting this one family we've beeen teaching Cristiano and Ávilla, with some more members. Also these 2 have decided to get hitched so we are doing all that stuff with them. It should be awesome But new years eve day we ate lunch in Subway, of which I took pictures cause it's exactly the same thing. Like, you walk in there and it's like you're in a portuguese languaged America. 

That night for some reason there was absolutely nobody in the streets, Like shockingly empty. Which was strange seeing as how Christmas Eve and Day there were still quite a lot of people in the streets partying and stuff but New Years, nothing.

 But that night Bishop invited us to come over to his house and eat. we ate a lot. There was a lot of food. And he had to go and take some people to this place where there was a stake caravan leaving for the temple in Recife. So they left us in the house alone. Seeing as how we had an extended curfew thanks to our Mission President(Who is totally the best MP in the World) we decided to surprise them a little and washed all the dishes and straightened out the house a little.

 Clea(The Bishop's wife) Didn't believe it. It was awesome. Then we went home and slept. Actually we didn't get to sleep until like 12, but there were also no fireworks we could see. Just the smoke and flashes. Our apartment has absolutely no view. But I love you guys. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! Make the best of it

Happy New Year from all the Monzingos!