Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year in Brazil

Letter From Elder Monzingo:

So the MTC President, President Swenson, and his wife are actually leaving the MTC around the same time as us. Their calling is ending. For the MTC Presidents its a 2 year calling. But its kinda fun cause I was talking to them and they were like, yeah we just liked you guys so much we had to leave with you. Sunday though was fast Sunday and it was really awesome. We had an MTC conference and then did our testimony meetings individually in our branches. But that was probably the best testimony meeting that I've ever been in I think. That was really awesome.

We got a new sister this week, Sister Smith, she came from Provo. But everyone in our district has some sort of sarcastic/sassy streak and she fits right in with the rest of us.

New years we got more ice cream which was really nice. Ice cream is always welcome. I didnt get icecream on my shirt this time which makes it even more welcome. Actually beter than that there were brownies. THAT was great. But the fireworks didn't really start up until after I was asleep, but some of the other elders said that it was super loud sounding like thunder right there in your ears or something and have no idea how I did not awaken from my slumber. Cause I was out pretty quickly that night actually.

And today we saw this green parrot at the temple. That was pretty cool. But yeah. Teaching is all going well and stuff, but not much else has happened. Weve talked kinda as a group about things in the MTC and actually most of them feel like we dont have enough time for personal study or whatever, but honestly I think we have the schedule we have for a reason and we may not think it will but it is going to help us.

But yeah. I love all you guys. Have fun. Don't die. Cause that would be bad

We got some pictures from him this week. I've created an album on Flikr:

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