Monday, August 1, 2011


It is hot. Very, very hot. Hotter than I ever remember. This really has been the worst summer ever. Texas is in an "exceptional drought". Triple digit temps for a month and no rain for longer. This week is a heat advisory. A heat advisory for almost the entire week. I can tolerate heat, but this is ridiculous.
Our mower was out of commission for a many months. The Calvins came over and helped us fix it two weeks ago. Hannah was out every day mowing. She was so excited to mow. I was excited for her to mow. Until I saw the brown that was lurking at the bottom of the green. All was seemingly still green. I didn't realize that everything had dried up at the bottom of the jungle. There are huge cracks in the ground. My fruit trees are dying. My garden is small and so I've managed to keep it somewhat alive.
Summertime is when we should be outside the most. The weather is so miserable that none of us can stand to be out.