Sunday, December 27, 2015

It Takes a Ward to Make a Missionary

Today was a missionary Sunday. Logan Robertson recently returned from his mission in Boise, Idaho. He gave a report on his time there. Before he spoke the missionary mommas got a chance to speak about their missionaries.

I actually had been warned the previous week. I should be ready to speak for a couple of minutes. It seemed perfect since we were going to speak to Daniel on Christmas. In theory I would get a chance to ask if he wanted to say anything to the ward. It would've been perfect if I hadn't completely and utterly forgot. My bad memory didn't prove to be much of an impediment. Before he got on that plane for Brazil, I had been thinking about how important our ward families have been for preparing him.

There have been many that helped shape this marvelous boy of ours. Primary teachers to youth leaders. Scout masters. Seminary teachers. Bishops. Many amazing people guided, loved, encouraged, listened to Daniel. I am so very grateful for every single person. I don't know if I can thank them enough. Not just for Daniel, but for our entire family.

We are greatly loved and greatly blessed.

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