Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Elder Monzingo is in the Air

Here he is, my missionary son as we left him in DFW airport. We had a brief moment of excitement when the TSA agent said that we might be able to go with him into the terminal. The ticket agent was less accommodating. We did not ever really expect to go with him, so it was only moderately disappointing.

I think letting him go was hardest on Hannah. She didn't seem to want to let her brother go. Even Elizabeth was a little emotional.

I have been feeling so many emotions, sometimes all at the same time! I am immensely happy for him and for our family. This is such a wonderful time for us. This is such a wonderful time for him. There is always such joy when the gospel is shared.

There is a bit of anxiety. I hope the plane doesn't crash. (We've been tracking the flight.) I hope he doesn't get eaten by vicious Amazonian fish. I hope he doesn't get lost. I hope he is healthy and well fed and loved. I hope that all of us can recognize the blessings that come from his service. I hope that we can spread the joy.

One emotion that has surprised me is the love that I've started to feel for the Brazilian people. I don't even know them. Daniel isn't even there yet. Already my heart yearns for their happiness. No one told me that I would feel that.

The plane has been in the air for about and hour and half. When Daniel lands in Sao Paolo in the morning it will be raining. The temps will be between 69 and 85 degrees fahrenheit. According to weather.com, the next ten days will be the same. I don't know what else is going to happen. I have faith that all will work to the good.

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