Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Week

From Elder Monzingo:

"So there are trees everywhere. It may seem kinda random but this is the biggest city I've ever been in, its one the worlds biggest, and there are trees everywhere. Not Dallas style trees every couple feet or something. But Trees actual trees with green leaves and they are MASSIVE at times. Just super super super very tall. Can't look anywhere without seeing them and its amazing. I'm gonna try sending some pictures out to mom and she should distribute them. Now you know mom. No idea how it will work. But trees, all variety from palm to that's about all I actually know. In traffic going to the temple you see these people on motorcycles flying in between cars in the traffic. Which I honestly think makes so much sense I have never understood why it doesn't really happen in america. But it's crazy, kinda cool, and sounds fun. Don't worry I don't plan on doing it. Plus it,s probably not allowed. Also a birthday P-day is kinda nifty. Also, It's CTM pizza night on Quarta-feira so double bonus. Cept pizza doesn't have sauce, but it is really good.

    But I was sorta kinda a little maybe more than that sick this week. There was fevers and cough and a general feeling of unwellness. But Meu Companhiero and I took a trip to Elder Sharp, CTM doctor, got some meds and everything seems to be good for now. Also the daily excercise time we get weekly is a welcome break from sitting down all day. Its super great. We do lots of volleyball. and Elder Hoose brought this folder with his workout plan and so some of us do that and it is generally rather exhausting. But its ok.

   Also Portuguese is mean sometimes cause I don't understand it much at times. Generally I do and I get a lot more than I used to but still. Sitting in front of your investigators trying to find a word in your mind or dictionary is absolutely no fun. And they are all technically fake. Only because they are instructors but then they really aren't fake. 2 investigators right now.

  The entire english group I arrived with minus the one sister that was at Provo is now one district that has seen much difficulty. The first week I think Tuesday Elder Capistran left and went home, Then Elder Cassador and Sister Summers were transferred to a Brazilian district and now they are back which is great. Currently Elder Hiller , Elder Cassador, and me are a trio companionship. Elder Cassador is nice to have cause he actually speaks and understands Portuguese much better than we do.

  Anywho the Temple here in São Paulo has probably the coolest interior of all the temples that I've been in. It is really awesome and has some super cool stained glass stuff inside of it. Not really much outside but oh well. But other than that everything is going good except for this keyboards lack of punctuation.

   Also the address for the MTC  if you want to send me stuff is: Rua Padre Antônio D`Angelo, 121 - Casa Verde CEP 02516-040 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

So there you go. Also the MTC won't accept packages so it would just be letters but it there if you want it. I love you guys.

Elder Monzingo

Also They have these flowers here that are absolutely amazing looking. I'm thinking of specifically in the MTC there's this tree with these awesome flowers. I´ll try to send a picture out. I love you guys again"

This is Mom. Google helped me find the letter address format for Brazil. His address is:

Elder Daniel Monzingo
Rua Padre Antonio D'Angelo, 121
Casa Verde CEP
Sao Paulo-SP

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