Sunday, May 14, 2017

Yo Momma

It's Mother's Day. Two things fairly consistently happen in the Monzingo house on Mother's Day. First, breakfast is prepared by Kermit and the kids. In the early years they would try to have it done before I woke up and bring it to me in bed. That just was not practical. Apart from the sketchy logistics of eating in bed, I almost always wake up first. And I really enjoy my early morning quiet before the rest of the tribe comes alive. The earlier wake up gave me time to have a nice long soak in my marvelous tub.

That brings us to the second thing that happens: handmade gifts. I really like the kid constructions. Lots of love in that. I especially like it if there is a note or card attached. Jacob made a foam flower bouquet in Cub Scouts.  It is adorable.

Another popular item is bath and beauty products. Sarah gave me a small jar of vanilla scented bath salts with sprinkles. SPRINKLES. In my bath stuff. When I opened I wasn't sure if I was supposed to eat it or not. Sarah assured me that it was definitely not edible. She also made a lip scrub (what the heck?). It was cinnamon and spice. I was suppose to put it on my lips for 15 minutes. It didn't last. It was tasty. The girl was a little offended that I hadn't used the sugar scrub she made last year.

Let's talk about sugar scrubs. What is the point of a sugar scrub? Who thought of this? Apart from being easy for the average 9-year-old to put together, why do I want it? They smell good, but they feel awful. My teenage daughter informs me that the scrub is to be used to smooth the rough patches. Well, my rough patches don't like it. It feels like I'm trying to wash with sandpaper.

Anyway, back to the present. I used my bath salts with sprinkles. Sprinkles do not reliably dissolve in water. I was bathing with floating things. Not only do they not really dissolve, the ones that do dissolve leave a bit of a mess.

Yeah. I won't be cleaning or even looking at this until tomorrow. It's Mother's Day dang it. Plus I now smell like a cupcake. Kermit threatened to lick me.

So, adult helpers of children creating fantastic items for their mothers. My advice is to skip the sprinkles.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Elder Costa

My favorite thing about this week's mail-lots of pictures. These are the pictures from last week that he promised to send.  Enjoy!

So this week was pretty cool. We had the visit from Elder Claudio R. M. Costa the current Brazilian area president. That was a really cool conference. He taught a lot of stuff. Everytime I think back on the stuff he told us I notice something new. Which is interesting. It's awesome when you can keep learning from your experiences over and over again. 

But there was this family that we started teaching and they were awesome. We found them because they went to church pretty much on their own. It was going great until we found out that it wasn't our area. So we presented them with the other missionaries of their area and left the situation. Which sucked. But I still hope to see them at some later point in time.

Also I found apple juice and ran into someone that plays football here in brazil. He's on a team and everything. That was cool. Also from said person I found out that the patriots won the super bowl.

I love you guys. always take everything you can from your leaders

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Semana e o Mangal

Our missionary requested a chocolate Easter bunny and a Dallas Cowboy t-shirt. I found the chocolate bunny. I even found Cowboy t-shirts. For women. Our local Wal-mart failed us this time. We even scoured some of the other shops in our little town. It is baseball season in Texas and that means Rangers merchandise is available. I don't know if he is disappointed. He said a Rangers shirt was just fine. Anyway, his week sounds like it was fantastic.

the week was awesome! We were able to bring 5 people to church. One of these people in specific is really awesome, we've been meeting with him for about a month. During which he read the entire Book of Mormon and was really excited to go to church. He is very interested in receiving an answer to really know if the church is true. SO this week we're gonna go back and see how he felt. We weren't able to talk much with him when he left. But this week will be awesome. There was also a young woman with a lot of questions that went. See enjoyed it as well and honestly I look forward to the questions, it's better when they're asked. Also today we went to this park place called o Mangal das garças. It's this bird park sort of thing. Garça is heron in english so you can imagine wwhat kind of birds. I would send more pictures cep´t this computer isn't the best and so I only got one in there. Next week I'll try to send out more of our trip. But I love you guys. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

The First Week

First email from the first week in his new area! Also a few pictures that my Brazilian friends have sent.

So you know how like everyone always tells you to be ready at any minute in your mission because you'll just walk in there before the meeting and they'll ask you to give a talk? Well that just happened with me for the first time. We got there, apparently they already had it on the list that an Elder was giving a talk but which one it was wasn't on there. And so I ended up giving a talk. It went pretty well and then afterwards every told me that my talk was awesome and a bit of a tap on the ear. Which i think was perfect. 

But I met up with pretty much all of the youth from Marambaia at a dance that they went to, I looked in there just to see how it was going and they all saw me at once and the next second I was surrounded. It was really good to see them all. Especially Lucas and Victor. It is great that they are really being integrated with the stake and not just the ward. 

But I got to meet the teaching group this week which was cool. We have a lot of awesome people with some really great potential. But That's for the most part it. I just want to say I love you guys and hope that you have a great week. When you see someone in church you don't know, go talk to them.

This shirt was made by one of the members in Marambaia. This is what she said about it:

Comigo é assim, promessa feita, promessa cumprida, o presente do Elder Monzingo já esta pronta. Hoje mesmo o nosso surpe herói chapolin Colorado estará com sua camisa. Em casa sempre um Elder ganha um apelido carinhoso, e o Elder monzingo é o chapolin Colorado.

Google translate:

With me it is like this, promise made, promise fulfilled, the gift of Elder Monzingo is already ready. Today our survivor chapolin Colorado will be wearing his shirt. At home always an Elder gains an affectionate nickname, and the Elder monzingo is the Colorado chapolin.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Marambaia bye bye

Daniel is in a new area. I think it is not too far from his previous area. At least, that is how it looks on Google Maps. But he is doing well and wanting a chocolate bunny for Easter.

Welp. It happened. Marambaia is now in the past. I got transferred today. Fortunately I was able to run into my new companion rather quickly. His name is Elder Moroni, we will be serving together in the Castanheira ward. It's gonna be interesting this transfer. He's from the same group as my son Elder Kunzel and the 2 are really good freinds. SO I've actually heard quite a bit about him. But it was interesting leaving Marambaia. I said goodbye to some people but not all of the people that I wanted to. Unfortunately time doesn't allow everything. But it was kinda interesting leaving the area. We kinda already knew it was going to happen and so we were able to go throughout the week saying goodbye. So that much was good. But I'm gonna miss that place. It was an awesome area. I really loved to talk and interact with the members our recent converts and our investigators were all going well. I'm pretty happy with how I left the area for the next guy. But new area, new zone. This week we're gonna find out how the whole place works and what's up. 
I love you guys

Monday, April 10, 2017

Two for One

Last week the Monzingo house had the plague. Well. Not the actual plague (which is still a thing). But three kids and one mom all had some fast and furious stomach bug. Hence the lack of letter from our favorite missionary. We may not have actually been dying, but it felt like it. I will now attempt to make amends by including both last week's and this week's correspondence. Enjoy!


So first things first. This is officially the first time I have ever seen any form f peanut butter to be sold since I've gotten in Brazil. (Except for some rare circumstances in which these workout supplement stores sell this version that has no flavor). I wanted to do a price check. I found out that to buy this 
rather small thing of peanut butter it'll cost me R$25. Sooooooo, not worth it. but this week was interesting. We had some days that went well and didn't. They were good because we worked a lot. They were not as good because few people received us. BUT, it's all awesome! We had general conference. (All those who have no idea what that is it's this meeting in which the members of the church have a chance to hear the church leaders and the living prophet speak to us. Link included here)
But I aabsolutely loved it. Any chance that we have to listen to these people is great. I particularly enjoyed the talks of D. Todd Christofferson and Joaquin E. Costa. those 2 were awesome. But that's pretty much it for no. So little time and So much to do. i love you guys


I gotta say I love stir fry. It's the best. It's super simple you can make a lot and a family in the ward made it for our lunch appointment. That was awesome. I ate a lot. And even after all that we all ate there was still this giant pot full of stir fry. That was amazing. But the week went well. A lot of work. Ran into some pretty cool people. One of these people, Samuel, is really a cool guy. he went to church yesterday but only for the first hour. That was awesome. He enjoyed it. He's also starting to read the Book of Mormon and now we just got to get him to pray. We also were gonna help the sisters in our district move but there was a bunch of confusion with when it was going on and we didn't even know it had happened until after the fact and they didn't have any help. Which reminds me. If you need help ask for it.
2 Scriptures that tell us to ask. When we do so and we need help rally our Heavenly Father and those that are around us can and do help. Don't resolve to not ask for help because you think that you might lready know the answer or something like that. Be willing to ask, And then be willing to receive. 
I love you guys
Elder Monzingo

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

getting to know our converts

Latest news from our missionary.

We had a pretty cool week. We had our zone conference Thursday and that was really cool what the president did. He taught some more about Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts. It's a theme we've been touching on rather constantly to tell the truth and I'm really loving it. But this time around he did something really cool. He asked all of the missionaries who are converts to stand up and asked for some volunteers to come up and share their stories with us. They talked about their own conversion process and how they met the missionaries. There was this one sister that had a really awesome story, went to church for a year before she got baptized. That was a really cool story. I was really able to learn quite a bit about the example of those missionaries who taught them and how their behavior and example really changed and affected the understanding and learning abilities of these missionaries. It's interesting to see that as well in my own converts and those that I teach and even in the ward members. It's interesting to be in places that haven't had the best missionaries there beforehand and then you try to work and they trust you quite a bit more. 

I think it just shows more and more that our own example is super important. Like it says in 1 Timothy 4:12(Which I'm ponderizing this week if anyone wants to join me) we are and should be an example at all times and in all that we do. I've learned that as we do our best to show our exaple to others that they will trust us more as they realize we love them and are trying to really help them.

 I love you guys. Until next week!

P.S. All the missionaries from Texas 'cept Gann, Cause he's far away. Plus one other guy who decided to photobomb us. 

Speaking of Photobombs: