Monday, October 30, 2017

The Last Week

What??!!! No pictures this week! In consolation, we will get to see him in person next week. Can you believe it? I'm a little excited. Here is what will probably be the last email:

Well. So. Going straight off this next week is now officially my last week in field. And honestly the part that sucks is really well, I'm heading into Belém Thursday cause there's stuff that they have me do over there and so I won't even have a full work week. I'm not the biggest fan of the whole thing but there isn't really much that I can do about it. But I trust that my companion is going to be able to take care of everything as we do have a few baptisms scheduled for this weekend. The people are really excited. It's some youth, Nairon & Rebeca that are awesome. They have this huge desire to do the right and have noticed the changes they have made in their own lives because of the gospel and what they've learned so far. And much of it without us even doing much other than teaching the main disscussions. They themselves have made the changes and seen the difference. But I will be honest I'm gonnna miss these people quite a lot. I've come to love all of them and this place more than I imagined. But, time doesn't really stop. But Being honest. I'm probably not gonna even bother with sending out any emails next week. Cause, yeah pointless. Just an FYI. LOVE YOU GUYSS!!!!!! See ya next week!!

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Middle of the World

This is the week I decided it wasn't too soon to ask what he wanted to eat when he came home. After he understood what I was asking, he decided to reply with a lot of Portuguese. I'm not sure if he really thinks I'll understand without the help of Google translate or if he just doesn't realize what he's doing. I've included our delicious exchange as well as his weekly email.

Me: So, I know you are busy but maybe you can take a moment to think about what you want to eat when you get home. 

Daniel: Like, what do you mean what I want to eat? Cause like, well you've already got the plane ticket so I'll be there around 9ish I think so I would honestly love breakfast like, biscuits or some breakfast burritos or something like that. I imagine that we don't have a pressure cooker at home então se for almoçar, que tem que fazer então vai ficar sem feijão. Também não sei fazer feijão então bora ver. Más I'm gonna need something to do a very well eaten lunch Cause I'm totally gonna be starving cause my body does not adjust to dinner being the big meal in such a short time. and then well, or tacos or sandwiches would be a nice end to the day.

Me: Alright silly boy. I mean do you have requests for meals in the first few days you will be back. Say, for example, there was something in particular that you have missed. You might be saying to yourself "The food in Brazil is great, but I sure miss my Mom's chicken and dumplings." or spaghetti. or whatever.

Daniel: I didn't even think of chicken and dumplings but that is an amazing idea. Like seriously mom. Make whatever and I'll be happy. But like, tacos, chili, chicken and dumplings, REAL PIZZA, Alfredo, stir fry, honestly these and more that I don't even remember. Although the whole pizza thing is a must at some point. 

Me: No. I don't have a pressure cooker, but I am quite capable of making beans. If you want beans. We can definitely do pizza.

Daniel: No. It's like, the way. Cause americans don't do beans like I'm thinking. So that's not gonna work out. I think. I don't know. Cause it ain't just beans it's Almoço. tem que fazer o almoço, tipo. um bife acebolado. ou um frango assado na panela. Más se for tem que tirar o pitiu do frango. E...vai ser complicado más eu dou um jeito. Que o arroz é fácil. Más o feijão é mais complicado, com a panela de pressão é tipo, uma hora pra fazer. sem vai demorar até o pó, e também sai diferente. então bora ver o que que vou almoçar. 

Apparently, one of us is going to have to learn to cook beans the Brazilian way. Here's the regular email:

Well, so this whole time that I've been here in Macapá there's the whole equator line. Well this week I had like 2 seconds and got to take a picture with the monument for said line. But other than that the week was nice. We had our zone conference with the mission president and the assistants which was awesome. We talked quite a bit about the restoration which I absolutely love. And they had me give an exit testimony which wasn't as bad as the first one so I'm good. We had some people come to church this week which was great to tell the truth. Some people for the first time and they absolutely loved it. Like, I love those moments when the people come to church with that whole expectation of finding something great and they find that it's actually more than they were expecting. SO we're going forward. Love y'all

Monday, October 16, 2017


The date for Elder Monzingo's return is rapidly approaching. Sometimes it feels so close and at other times it is still forever. We each have our own way of counting the time. Hannah has it down to the hours and minutes. I like the way Elizabeth said it yesterday: Four emails. I guess today that is 3 emails away. Today's post will include this week's email and last week's. They were both short. And NO pictures. Dagnabit. Short is not necessarily bad. He is busy. That is good. Here is the latest and almost latest:

The Prophets (Oct 9)

So this week was interesting cause there was a guy that wants to say that he's a prophet. That's always a fun conversation. But at the same time it's from things like this that you really know that people don't understand the real role of a prophet. Heck, I don't think I know what a prophet was or is or does just that they exist. But Amos 3:7 is simple enough to tell us that the Lord tells stuff to his prophets and 1 Nephi 1:18 shows us even more how this pattern works and the Lord first talks with the Prophets who then speak to the people. And really he shows us the will of the Lord. There are some people who say prophets don't exist or that they're a thing of the past but then again according to the scriptures if God acts in the world he tells his Prophets. So really they are important people. Not everyone can be a Prophet. Bu t when there is a prophet I know that following him we'll all be a OK. And he'll show us the way always. Love y'all

Oct. 16

Well...This week a funny thing happened. First off last transfer my companion and I taught this young man and invited him to be baptized. He accepted and then even though we've passed quite a bit by his house he's never there. And well, he showed up at the church Saturday for his baptism. He's definitely got the desire. Now we just need to run into him to teach him. But that's awesome that when people want something they go after it. So we kinda need to show the same desire when we follow the gospel. We had the conference this last week and we received some teaching that we should definitely use and apply in our own lives. That's what the prophet expects of us. But we got interviews with the mission president today and the zone conference tomorrow so I gotta dash. Love y'all

Update. Got some pics from mission president's wife.

Monday, October 2, 2017

English Conference

Latest news from Elder Monzingo. 

So this general conference was different. Cause I watched it in English. There was this newby that is in his...2nd week in field and he wanted to and so it ended up being me, him, and a sister from the Philippines(who is more comfortable in English). But honestly it was rather strange. Like, I'm not used to English, and then there was that British guy that, being totally honest, I was absolutely in love with his accent, like, I didn't pay attention to half as much of his talk as I should have because of how awesome it was and trying to imitate and whatnot. Sorry.

But I loved the testimonies we received there of the Book of Mormon and such. That was awesome to see and hear all of this and the general admonition for us to listen to and obey the words of the prophet with exactness and immediately. Also, I don't know if it was intentional. But I loved that part when President Nelson "The King and I" I laughed a little bit.

 But in other news I have a new companion! Elder Gonçalves. He's from the south of Brasil. And he is super excited. I think that it'll be pretty cool working with him for the rest of this last transfer. So we're excited to see how everything turns out. 

Also VIREI AVÔ!!! TIPO, MEU FILHO TEVE FILHO E TÁ TREINANDO E TENHO NETO!!!!! Então aí é a foto da família. Más então Amo vocês povo!!!! SE divertam!!!! Não MORRAM!!!!!! Qual quer coisa me manda um email aí e tá de boa!!

(Elder Kunzel, who was trained by Elder Monzingo, is now training a brand new missionary)

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Last 6 Weeks

November 8th!!! Our boy comes home November 8th. I might be excited. He is still working hard. So proud of him.

So today is the start of what is to be my last transfer. Which is weird. But my companion got shipped off to Belém. So, Tuesday, the new guy is coming in and we'll see how he is. I don't really know him too well. 

But this week we had the baptisms of Dinaelson and Camila. They are both awesome. They've both had their individual journeys to get where they are and Camila is a big example to me of someone that has found the gospel and goes after what her testimony tells her to. She's living with her parents and her Mom does not support her in all this in any way whatsoever. And well, she's thrown away Books of Mormon and pamphlets and Camila keeps going. It tears her apart that her mom doesn't support her but she knows what she feels about the gospel and has resolved that she will keep going no matter what. But it's still somewhat sad all of this. But we are honestly really happy with her and all that she is doing and working towards. But if y'all could throw her in your prayers and such that would honestly be great. She's gonna need all the help that she can get.

And Cool exciting news.  We totally saw this car catch fire. Like, the whole engine was burning! It was awesome. This couple was trying to start their car that had stopped in front of the light and when we went to help the smoke started to come out of the engine. We all backed away and well, just a few minutes later the whole thing went up in smoke. Somewhat regrettably it didn't explode. Like, we were totally psyched. thinking that it would. But, well, the fire people got there unusually quickly. And, well, it was controlled. But it would've been really cool. (Yes, yes I know, "AAAHHHHHHH!!!1 SUPER DANGEROUS!!!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING YOUNG MAN!!!!!! GET OVER HERE SO I CAN SHOW YOU WHAT AN EXPLOSION IS!!!!!!!This is probably mom's reaction)

But New experiences in store for this week new stuff let see what's waiting. AMO VOCÊS!!!!! TCHAAAUUUUU

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Weekly Newsletter

I don't hate Mondays. How could I when it is the day we hear from Elder Monzingo. He did ask about our dog, Annie. One of his previous companions got news that the family dog had died. A month or two after the fact. Our Little Ann is just fine. A little grayer and a little slower than she used to be, but fine. I promised that I would let him know if anything happened. He said not to worry. There is not too much time before he is home anyway. We still haven't heard the details on exactly what time and day he will be arriving. That is driving me to distraction. I just really, really, really want to know. In the meantime, let us enjoy the weekly update from Brazil.

So Yesterday we had lunch with a member family that is visiting from Pennsylvania. Unfortunately I don't have pictures. But they have family that lives here. Actually well, Brother Ricardo is from here. But they have these 2 boys, 9 & 6, Which were rather excited about being able to REALLY talk to someone that wasn't their parents, cause like, they speak Portuguese, but not really that well. And they were super talkative, they honestly reminded me a lot of Jacob. It was kinda funny though, cause I looked at my companion who was just looking super lost. But it was also funny cause my English was not at all totally right. And I kept wanting to speak more Portuguese than English. I'd start talking in Portuguese and then had to remind myself to speak English. SO yeah. 

But the week was rather good. we actually ended up being pretty busy. We are preparing some awesome people for baptism for this week. There is this one man Denaelson. He is awesome. We were able to visit him yesterday and during the week we hadn't gotten to because neither one of our schedules were working out, He gave a rather powerful testimony of repentance and how both he and his desires have changed. We were rather impressed. He had been having some problems more recently with alcohol abuse and we weren't expecting that much change seeing as how we hadn't been able to follow him up and help him make those changes. That just goes to show that when people want to they really can and will go after repentance. 

I'm also sending off some pictures I got just now that happened a while ago, One was the community marriage we went to and then the baptism we had the  next day, as well as the ice cream we bought later on (FIRST TIME I HAVE SEEN MINT ICE CREAM HERE AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!) then on a p-day we did with some other companionships in the zone we went to a bridge thing and I'm skinny enough to fit through the bars one the safety thing above the river(guess which river) And on a rock there, welll....I just think that the picture is funny. Like this other one from my last area. Love y'all.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Pictures! He sent pictures this week! I love seeing that face. I have no idea what the pictures are about but maybe next week he'll provide a little bit more explanation. This will be another 2-for-1 blog entry. Last week's email was a day later than usual and that just really messed with my rhythm. Anyway, enjoy!


Well, I'm kinda late. Like, a whole day late. We actually had interviews with the President Sunday and yesterday was our zone conference and we spent the rest of the day on splits working. But it was really cool. I really enjoyed the chance we had to be with our leaders and to work with and learn from them. It's been pretty busy in the end because of that. But in the end this week has been going good. We ha a trip to Belém at the beginning sol it ws really really rushed. But that's somewhat normal. We're usually pretty busy around here. It's been a lot of work but we are teaching quite a few families. Which is going great. They're really looking to progress and learn more about the gospel and whatnot. So honestly not too much new stuff. I'd throw some pictures to y'all but my camera is out of power and so because of that I haven't been taking pictures. But I love y'all 


Well our week was interesting. P-day we went to a Fortaleza de São José. which was pretty cool. It's a big place although after a while there isn't much to do. One of those tourist attractions right, right. But because we had the whole zone conference thingy mabubber Monday and p-day Tuesday literally everything was a bit later than it should have been in the week. So we were running around for much of the week Almost as though in a wild goose chase. But things are going good. We have quite a lot of people that really have an honest interest(albeit their own various problems). But the good part is that they go after what they want. And they understand that we are here to help them get on the right track. John 10:3-4 talks about how the shepherd both knows and is known by his sheep. In the same way that the sheep recognize their shepherd the Lord prepares people so that when they run into us they are ready and recognize what role we play and that we want the best for each one of them. So it's always good to be able to find these people. And they really do understand and trust our purpose. Love you guys. talk to you later

UPDATE. Daniel sent this explanation of the pics:

Me getting here. us at the fort. Us after finding the miracle of a super nintendo. And me finally finding descent ramen. Cause all the other brands are not quite as good. and well. in the end the good one is the origional.