Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Angela and Jambu

The latest news from Brazil:

So this picture is Angela at her baptism. 

It was this week and It's somewhat sad I wasn't able to be present for her baptism. I stayed working with her for quite a while before we had to let her go. She wasn't all the way ready. But this week I received the news and the picture. And I am so happy that she finally got baptized. She's from my last area. 

But the week went well. I was super happy Sunday, cause this one family that we're working with a lot came to church. Like, they got there late and it was even better because of that. I'm very happy for them. especially seeing as how they are all working together to get it all done. But that just goes to show what we need to do. We gotta have some people around us to help us keep going and do what's right always. Because if not. Then it doesn't work out. I love you guys

Jambu Fruit

Zone Conference

Monday, June 12, 2017


I totally do not understand the meaning of the title of his email this week. I was at work when it came and didn't have a chance to ask. Also, I notice a disparity between how he feels about the time he has left in the mission and how we at home feel. Here is the fabulous new email for the week.

The time passes really freaking fast. Not the biggest fan of that. Seeing as how this week I reached technically a milestone. 3/4ths is gone. That's weird. But, we celebrated with a crap ton of Guarana. Which was awesome.

And I used my(rather limited) Theatre knowledge to kinda half make myself old. Which worked out. Except no. I didn't really have much in the way of supplies so I used what I had on hand. Which sorta worked out.

But, This week we had the baptism of Michael. He's a really cool kid. He's gonna turn 12 this week I think. But his brother is already a member and honestly they both are going great. They both work together on the gospel stuff and are reading the scriptures and whatnot all together. SO this is being a big thing for the family. I really hope that this helps their parents gain more interest about the gospel in general.

 But I love you guys.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Weddings and Worms

I've been at Young Women's camp all week and haven't been able to post the latest email. Oh. My. Goodness. The boy ate a worm. What the Heck!? 

So I did not get worms. at all. But I did eat one. It's called turu. Which I just learned that in english ( thank you google) is called teredo. It's this kind of worm thing that lives in wood. It's kinda hard to get down you're throat because you want to chew but nothing happens when you do. and it's kinda slimy and in the end you just have to kinda swallow and it goes down.

But we also had a wedding of some investigators Saturday. Their baptism was not held because there are some things that they are still needing to resolve but they are showing an amazing amount of progress. So it's really awesome to see that.

I was Super happy with our ward this week. We had this new guy visiting. He was invited by members to be friends on facebook, whatsapp, every other social media they have + invited to every ward activity we are having for the next month. The guy absolutely loved his visit. And made friends. That's how it should be. Walking in there makes you a friend. I love you guys

Monday, May 29, 2017

My Week

Finally got an email that was a little bit more than a quick note. The boy is doing well and keeping busy.

So transfers are interesting. Like, sometimes you decide to play a prank on one of your room mates and freeze their missionary name tag in a bottle. Then they find out about it soak a pair of your socks and shove them in the freezer which you discover the next morning. It was hilarious. 

But the week with my new companion was pretty sweet. We were able to help 6 people get to church this week and that was great. It's been a while since I've had that many investigators in there and so it was good to have that. Plus some of them were somewhat surprises as we had some of them who had moved outside of the area but are now back in the area. So that was great to see them. This week we are planning in starting to work in a part of the area that honestly, I've never been to before. Truthfully I don't know if many missionaries have worked in that region, but it's close by to were the temple here in the city will be built. (the land where it's gonna be is inside my area) SO that'll be good to build up a group of people around there to visit always. 

Also I am holding a white rabbit. No it didn't go flying at anyone to rip out their throats or anything like that. But it was rather soft and fluffy. Love you guys

Transfers Which Would Be Why No Email

Much to our disappointment, we didn't really hear from Daniel the past two weeks. We did get to talk to him on Mother's Day. Sort of. The connection was not very good. Spent most of the time trying to reconnect the call. I nearly cried. The last bit (5 minutes) came through clearly enough. He is doing well. He'll be home in November. He is a bit disappointed about not being able to stay until December, but this Momma is not too sad about that. I have some pictures that a member sent me of the last day before transfers. Also included is a picture of Elder Moroni in his new area, which just happens to be Daniel's last area.

Sooo. I wasn't transferred. However I was waiting for people to arrive pretty much the whole day and pretty much didn't get to do almost anything. So they are letting me do so now But my companion, Elder Moroni, was transferred. Now I'm here with Elder SimiĆ£o. I was actually his district leader for about 3 transfers so I already know the guy. He's pretty awesome. But it's just going to be new experiences. But Like no time. SO this week was cool I love you guys don't die have fun!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Yo Momma

It's Mother's Day. Two things fairly consistently happen in the Monzingo house on Mother's Day. First, breakfast is prepared by Kermit and the kids. In the early years they would try to have it done before I woke up and bring it to me in bed. That just was not practical. Apart from the sketchy logistics of eating in bed, I almost always wake up first. And I really enjoy my early morning quiet before the rest of the tribe comes alive. The earlier wake up gave me time to have a nice long soak in my marvelous tub.

That brings us to the second thing that happens: handmade gifts. I really like the kid constructions. Lots of love in that. I especially like it if there is a note or card attached. Jacob made a foam flower bouquet in Cub Scouts.  It is adorable.

Another popular item is bath and beauty products. Sarah gave me a small jar of vanilla scented bath salts with sprinkles. SPRINKLES. In my bath stuff. When I opened I wasn't sure if I was supposed to eat it or not. Sarah assured me that it was definitely not edible. She also made a lip scrub (what the heck?). It was cinnamon and spice. I was suppose to put it on my lips for 15 minutes. It didn't last. It was tasty. The girl was a little offended that I hadn't used the sugar scrub she made last year.

Let's talk about sugar scrubs. What is the point of a sugar scrub? Who thought of this? Apart from being easy for the average 9-year-old to put together, why do I want it? They smell good, but they feel awful. My teenage daughter informs me that the scrub is to be used to smooth the rough patches. Well, my rough patches don't like it. It feels like I'm trying to wash with sandpaper.

Anyway, back to the present. I used my bath salts with sprinkles. Sprinkles do not reliably dissolve in water. I was bathing with floating things. Not only do they not really dissolve, the ones that do dissolve leave a bit of a mess.

Yeah. I won't be cleaning or even looking at this until tomorrow. It's Mother's Day dang it. Plus I now smell like a cupcake. Kermit threatened to lick me.

So, adult helpers of children creating fantastic items for their mothers. My advice is to skip the sprinkles.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Elder Costa

My favorite thing about this week's mail-lots of pictures. These are the pictures from last week that he promised to send.  Enjoy!

So this week was pretty cool. We had the visit from Elder Claudio R. M. Costa the current Brazilian area president. That was a really cool conference. He taught a lot of stuff. Everytime I think back on the stuff he told us I notice something new. Which is interesting. It's awesome when you can keep learning from your experiences over and over again. 

But there was this family that we started teaching and they were awesome. We found them because they went to church pretty much on their own. It was going great until we found out that it wasn't our area. So we presented them with the other missionaries of their area and left the situation. Which sucked. But I still hope to see them at some later point in time.

Also I found apple juice and ran into someone that plays football here in brazil. He's on a team and everything. That was cool. Also from said person I found out that the patriots won the super bowl.

I love you guys. always take everything you can from your leaders