Thursday, December 24, 2015

Letter to Santa

As published in our local paper:

Dear Santa,

How's life? I bet it's good you know makeing toys, Christmas the reindeer. Question, are reindeer nice or mean? And how are the reindeer? Well Santa Pal, can yo do me a favor? Can you get me a camera? Because I don't have one. And I'd like to take videoes and pictures of people and I have nothing to do that with. or a tablet! Then I could do games, school and have a camera! Great Santa! But please, please, please get me ALL the wide awake princess books and dork diaries. I LOVE those books and bookd are good for you. Really thats it but, your Santa you can also problay butter up a dirt bike for me because I've never a bike, I have no concrete only rocks and dirt, so I need a dirt bike. Candy and hair bands for me as well to keep my hair out of my face and candy to eat. All in my stocking please. And maybe a little statue of the eiffle tower! And a suevaner from somewhere. And one peice of reindeer food every christmas so I can keep it for next Christmas!

Sarah Monzingo
Age 9
Mrs. Blake's Class

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