Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Days

We have had a week of snow and ice here in North Texas. Schools were closed all but two days last week. More is expected this next week. All I can say to that is, "ugh."

I'm tired of snow. I'm tired of being in the house. I'm tired of the kids being in the house. I want blue skies and dry roads. It doesn't even have to be very warm. I just want to feel the sunshine on my face again.

Little J doesn't seem to mind the snow. It was six inches thick on the ground Friday. (Don't laugh friends from the north. That's a lot of snow for us in the south.) He bundled up and went outside. When he got off the steps he threw himself face forward and rolled around in the snow. It was like watching a pig wallow in mud. He so obviously enjoyed it. I almost remember liking snow that much. Not anymore. I crave the warmth.

One good thing about being housebound, my version of cabin fever is to clean furiously. I mean, what the heck else did I have to do? Other days I can find worthy diversions. Outside is so much nicer than dishes. Except when there is snow and ice.

By now, even the kids are tired of the snow.l