Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm Gone

Our missionary has been transferred to a new area.

So the transfer was this past Sunday and I am officially no longer a
missionary in Óbidos. I´m still in Óbidos right now but tomorrow I
catch a flight to Belém from where I will go to my next area in
Bragrança, Castanhal. So that´s that. Said see ya later to some people
here already and we will probably visit some others a bit later today,
but it´s all good. A part of the mission. And just when I was getting
used to sleeping in a hammock on a boat. Now I´m never gonna get on a
boat for said reason again while I´m here. Probably. Maybe. I don´t
know we´ll find out. But this week went well. There was this activity
that the Elder´s Quorum did that was pretty cool. We went to this
Place a little far outish from the city where there was fish that we
ate and there was soccer that they played and it was good. Fun. My
companion and I actually played Uno for a lot of the time seeing that
we couldn´t play soccer. Cause there´s a rule about that here and it´s
funny sometimes because he really really really wants to play. But it
went well. And I feel like we really did a lot here and there were a
lot of people that we got to church yesterday which was good. I feel
like I really did do what I could to try and leave Óbidos better off
than I found it. I really liked here. But if nothing else now I won´t
have to climb these massive hills everyday to get to around the church
where we work. Cause everywhere else in the mission is flat from what
I hear. Just here really that isn´t quite so flat. But I love you
guys.That´s it.

Braganca is closer to the ocean, but not right on it. Population 113,165. Current weather is 86 degrees with rain.,+State+of+Par%C3%A1,+Brazil/@-1.074157,-46.880677,11z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x92aedecce67a1a81:0xc45456e67f178087!8m2!3d-1.0616193!4d-46.7830109?hl=en

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Looks like a good week for Elder Mozingo:

So this week was a week. And we had a zone meeting during said week.
At said zone meeting which almost didn´t happen because we almost
didn´t have the money to pay the boat to get there, I bought a
ZARABATANA. Which is a blow dart gun. It´s really awesome and I love
it. I´m going to keep it forever. But we have several ``mortos´´ in
our zone. For 3 people it is now their last week in the mission. So
next week the zone is probably going to change quite a bit. one zone
leader, a district leader, and another missionary. Right now it´s our
last week in this transfer which truthfully went really really fast. I
honestly don´t exactly know what happened. Although it was shorter
than normal. Just 5 weeks. there´s one in every year. But we are gonna
do our best to finish out strong this last week and be the best we
can. And then next time I send out an email I might not be staying
here in Óbidos. But we´ll find that out Sunday. I love you guys!

Monday, June 13, 2016

This Time on the Elder Monzingo Show

Alright so this week went well. I liked this week. For one I have been
out here 6 months. That´s weird. It doesn´t feel like that long. I
hope that´s a sign that I´ve been really working hard. because there
are days when the time seems to pass like a turtle through wet cement
and it sucks. But when you really work and do stuff the time flys. But
We have made pão de queijo this past week really. I don´t remember if
I´ve already said that or not. But really it´s kinda like fluffy
cheese tat you bake so it flufflies. It´s good. I like it. And we had
the baptism of Pamela this week. That was cool. I think actually that
probably every baptism I´ve had since I´ve been here has been
references. So really these things are important. Talk to your friends
neighbors everybody you know and then talk to the missionaries. Or
better yet talk to said people with the missionaries and everything is
gonna be great. You´´l love it, the missionaries will love it, and
yeah. I love you guys. Be safe have a nice week.

(I found a recipe!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Holy Ghost Isn't Very Predictable

We are back from camp. Actually got back Thursday. I was very happy to come home and to be able to read the news from our missionary. A little later than I usually post, but here is the news from Elder Monzingo:

So I had this moment where without a doubt it was something the spirit
said but I didn´t even realize it. We were trying to think of what to
teach one of our investigators during the first part of the week and
decided it should be a story about repentance. We wanted to be able
to see who they were both before and after their conversion. And it
couldn´t be an angel that came down and did the whole repent ye repent
ye thing. So I was like, Lets go with Zeezrom (Alma 12ish-15ish). And
so when I was teaching about said Zeezrom with some of the scriptures
that talk about him our investigator was not just relating to it but
the story had apparently happened in her life in the week before or
something like that. So yeah. You never know. Cause that was
definitely not me that decided Zeezrom. I couldn´t have possibly done
something that perfectly described the situation she was in. SO PAY
ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING. Cause the Spirit could be anything. Also I
ate Capybara this week. It was good. Although from what I heard about
it it may or may not be illegal to hunt them. and eat them. That too.
But I didn´t know. And if they put it on the table in front of me and
tell me to eat it I will. Plus we weren´t told what it was until about
a day or 2 after we ate it. But yeah. Fun food. experiment everything.
Except Muruci, never try Muruci. That is the worst fruit and food in
the world. I love you guys though. Don´t forget to pray always. D&C

Also this is a pet of a member. I kinda want one. But no pets. Plus I
might try to make it explode if I had one. And these were the people
that got baptized this week. Also references are really important.
Pretty much the only people that I´ve seen baptized since I got here
were references or people that got invited to Church. Including
Jessica and Renilson here.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

This Week

I am a bad mom. I got Daniel's letter and didn't share it. In my defense, it has been a crazy busy week. Trying to get myself and girls ready for camp and everyone else ready for us to be at camp. Next letter will also be posted later than usual. We will be at Young Women camp. I promise to share it as soon as I am back. As a bonus, I may even toss in a camp report.

Here is the latest from Elder Monzingo. Current weather conditions in Obidos Brazil: 80 degrees and rain with thunder.

So this week wasn´t the best week that we´ve had. For some reason I
think both of us weren´t at our best. But, One of our Almoços this
week was the family of Josiel. That was awesome. Cause, like he and
his wife were less active 2ish months ago and none of there kids were
baptized and then we started teaching their family baptized the three
oldest and now they´re on our food calendar! That is really awesome,
you can actually see the people and remember where they were and look
at where they are! There are few things that are like that. Actually I
don´t know of one specifically for me I can really think of that is
like that. But yeah. That is really mostly it. I really hope that I
can have more things like that while I´m still here in Óbidos. Cause
That´s awesome. I love all you guys.

 Also this is a coconut before you drink it, 

 this is pato no tucupi

 this is maniçoba

  and that´s chicken

and that´s all of it together