Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Doughnuts

We made doughnuts for Joseph's birthday. This is the first time I've tried this. I found a recipe at (Love that place).
I used a biscuit cutter to cut them out. I did't have a round one small enough for the holes. I did however have a diamond shape cookie cutter. We didn't have doughnut holes, we had doughnut diamonds. Popped them into a vat of hot oil and sprinkled with powdered sugar. I used to have this wonderful little sifter/shaker thing from Pampered Chef that I used for powedered sugar. One of my children destroyed it. Actually, I think it was Joe. I was about to wish I had another, but maybe it is appropriate that the destroyer of the powdered sugar shaker did not benefit from it.
The boys and I liked the doughnuts. The girls said that they were too crispy. The crispy outside was my favorite part. Crispy outside and nice fluffy, almost creamy, insides. Yum.
This is my second attempt at this post. The first time I wrote a beautiful and eloquent piece on the the birthday boy's first day. Let's just pretend that I rewrote it. I'm sure I'll feel nostalgic on his next birthday. I always do.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, wonderful, kind-hearted, wild boy. Momma loves you.