Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Big Freeze

Jacob woke up at about 4 am. He wanted a dry diaper. That wouldn't have been too big a problem, but I couldn't fall back asleep. The wind outside is howling so ferociously. It is the wind carrying in the below freezing temperatures. I was laying in bed and I couldn't stop worrying about my chickens and keeping warm. So, I've been up for awhile. I cleaned the kitchen that my son was supposed to clean last night. I tried to start a fire. I just don't have enough pyromaniac in me to be too successful with that. I made cinnamon rolls. Got the pot roast and veggies in the crockpot. Started a load of laundry. Read my scriptures. Puttered around on the internet. I'm kind of tired now, but it's too late to go back to bed. Kermit wants to be up by 8:00, which means that I'll have to kick him out of the bed. Or maybe I just need to kick him. That's worked in the past. Nothing says "Turn off that dang alarm" like a quick kick under the sheets.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Aftermath

So, we've had time to use get to know our Christmas gifts. This is what has been decided:

Games - thumbs way up. Especially the two versions of Clue (Harry Potter and Secrets & Spies)

Pictures, picture book and custom calendar from Mom - ALWAYS awesome.

Christmas Butter Bell - cute and functional. Love it.

Christmas cash - seriously needed that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Baby Alive - Jury is still out. Elizabeth was a little freaked out after she discovered that this baby doll actually poops. "It's not what I thought it was going to be" she said.

Speaking of babies - Sarah loves, loves, loves all her baby dolls and accessories and Elizabeth's pooping doll.

Cars - Jacob is in car heaven. "My cars" he tells everyone.

Cameras for two oldest kids - They like them. Hannah has taken about a bazillion pics and videos.

The beautiful box of goodies from my sister - OK, Sis, this box was fabulous. All the bath stuff was my favorite. The chocolates shaped like shells, never buy them again. They are vile.
The kids greatly coveted the decorative glass 'diamonds'. Elizabeth liked them so much and was such a big help when we got home that I let her keep one.

Now, the key chain that beeps so that you can always find your keys. Good idea in theory. However, the stupid thing won't stop beeping. Very annoying.

When I think on this Christmas, I can't help but feel gratitude. My friends and family have been so remarkably generous and thoughtful. I wish that I could've done more for them. But I feel that always. I can never seem to do enough for them.

Here we are at a New Year. I feel inspired to show more kindness. I want to do more to show the depth of my affection for my family. I hope that I can be better this year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fireworks - Just Add Water

Yes. Fireworks will go off in the rain. Not a heavy downpour, but a light misting and soggy ground are not sufficient deterent to colorful flames.

The ground is wet. Sopping, soaking muddy wet. That did not stop our New Year's Eve guests from lighting off the fireworks that have been hibernating in my closet since July. The cold temperatures, however, did stop all but the most dedicated. Kermit's nephew, our middle son, and a couple of others were the pyrotechnic stalwarts. The rest of us decided that a cozy fire and games were a better way to spend a damp New Year's Eve. (Thank you, Genie, for bringing some fun games.)

I think everybody had a good time. I hope, anyway, that everyone had a good time. We stayed up too late. We ate good food. The company was good.