Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Prophets

From Elder Monzingo:

So this week I ended up talking a lot about prophets. There were a lot
of people that we taught that didn´t quite get what a prophet is.
You´d honestly be surprised at how many people don´´t understand like
what a prophet is. And so there were like 3 people this week that we
shared the first lesson with that were shown a lot of scriptures
telling them what is a prophet and that yes we should have them today
and yes they are rather needed in our lives. which is cool. It´s
really awesome being able to show people in the scriptures the stuff.
But this next week everyone here has an assignment. For those who
don´t know this weekend there will be this thing called general
conference. It´s a conference transmitted on the internet and by
satellite where the living prophet, Like Moses, Noah, Isaiah,
Abraham,etc.etc.etc., and the living 12 apostles, like Peter, James,
John, Matthew, Luke, Judas, The other Judas, Thomas, Andrew, the other
James, Phillip, Bartholomew, Lebbaeus, and Simon. And I´m inviting you
all. Go to look for general conference to see what times there
are and then go watch it in one of those times. I can promise you all
that it will be some of the best 2 hours of your life. I love you guys

Also this is me and my companion eating açai a few weeks ago

Monday, September 19, 2016

All Good Things to Those That Wait

So the transfer was yesterday. Elder Wilzbach that lives with us got
sent out of here. But Elder Steindorf and i are still here to work in
Bragança. But this week a cool thing happened. Ananda finally got
baptized. After this strange back and forth of wanting to and then not
doing it with people talking stuff and getting her uninterested and
then being interested again and on and on and on, she finally decided
to do it. The awesome part wasn´t necessarily that but that when she
did it she was more firm about her decision than she had ever been
before. So it was really cool to be able to be here for that. The next
part of this family will be the parents. They are sending in the stuff
to get married this week (at least that´s the plan) and then whenever
they are officially married they want to be baptized the same day
after we do some sort of wedding ceremony in the church. So it should
be cool.  But this week was like, a little bit weird, I was on splits
with other missionaries for the largest part of the week and then as
part of that I was on a bus for the largest part of the morning just
about every day. But it was cool. This week was honestly very
interesting with some interesting things that happened on the other
side of the city with the other missionaries. And I overall liked how
the week went. But now it´s the start of a new transfer and time to do
even better now than we ddi these past 6 weeks. I love you guys

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


No. He didn't get eaten by a snake.

Alright, I guess like no one read email stuff that I sent last week or
something like that because I got like 3 emails from people that were
like "WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?! Did you get eaten by a snake?????" So
evidently they didn´t see the part last week that said "Also my P-day
next week will be Tuesday because we will have an area seventy here
talking to us Monday." But talking about the guy Elder Sergio
Antunes. he was really cool. We spent the whole day with him which was
really cool. He was very funny and knows a lot about the scriptures.
He talked a lot about the sacrament and different things and there is
the necessity for 2 cures. Water and Blood, Better known as baptism
and the sacrament. I thought the guy was really awesome. it would be
cool to some day just like sit down with somebody that has that much
knowledge and just let him teach ya stuff. Also I have like 9 months
in my mission so we celebrated with pastels. Which was good. They
tasted good. One was almost like a doughnut, which don´t exist here so
it was great. But I also got to see Old companions and people I knew.
So we have a picture here of everyone that arrived in Belém with me
minus a few because they are in zones rather long from us. Also with
all of my companions minus the MTC one that went to the Curitiba south
mission. But yeah it was really rather cool. I love you guys!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Interesting Encounters

This week's email from Daniel:

SO this week I made alfredo! It was AWESOME!!! Waaayyyyyy better than
the last time. Because I bought cheese that worked for the stuff. Also
it had chicken and was just rather good in general. I don´t have
pictures though. Although we did take some. Because everytime we make
food in house it´s a moment to be celebrated. Usually. But this week,
or more like the end, was rather interesting. We ran into this guy
from israel. Somehow he´s lost in brazil. Speaks broken english, much
better spanish and also french and aramaic and hebrew. SO yeah.
interesting stuff. And yeah. he´s an interesting guy. But he´s
probably heading out of here soon so yeah. But this week was good. We
had alfredo. And everyone in the family of Ademar is travelling. They
went to a city close by because(I´m forgetting how to phrase sentences
in english guys. I don´t know how to do it I just know that how I want
to do it isn´t correct) o pai da irmâ socorro(espousa do ademar)
morreu. SO yeah. The family isn´t exactly the best off but We are
going to do the best we can to help them out with that. Lots of fams
enternal. But i love you guys. Also My P-day next week will be
Tuesday. Cause there is an area seventy doing a mission tour here in
Belém Monday. So yeah. that´s like, it. Bye bye.

Can You Feel So Now?

So. I totally forgot to post last week. So, It will be a two for one kind of day. What I think is most interesting is how he is forgetting how to say things in English.

This is me, my companion, and Irmã Fabiana.

 And this is Irmã Fabiana with her family. 

Irmã Fabiana was re-baptized Saturday and Confirmed
Sunday cause her records were lost. Like, didn´t exsist. And honestly
this is probably one of the only times that I can say I´ve seen this
and that I´ll get to see it. But I think it is awesome that she
decided to do this again. Talking with her was really kinda cool. She
said that she honestly doesn´t feel like the first time she was ready,
at least in part because she understood almost nothing of what the
missionaries were saying because it was all in spanish and not
portuguese (she ran into the church in Bolivia) But now she feels
really ready for it. I shared the scripture Alma 5:26 with them at the
baptism. "E eis que eu vos digo, se haveis experimentado uma mudança
no coração, e se haveis sentido o desejo de cantar o cântico de amor
que redime, eu perguntaria, podeis agora sentir isso?" (That´s mostly
memory with a few corrections after looking at the scripture, also I
can´t do that very well with the English one) Because she really has
that desire to continue and this was a moment where she needed to ask,
"Can I feel so now?" So I really hope that you guys can all feel so
now. Even if you have a lot of time in the church I hope that Right
now you can feel it. I love you guys. Keep going. Look for the best.
Eat pancakes.