Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pet Monkey

Writing is not Elizabeth's favorite thing to do. One of the advantages of homeschooling with her is that we can customize. I've found some writing prompts online and we are writing together. Today's prompt: "Do you think a monkey would be a good pet?"

Obviously, these are aimed at kids. Just about every kid that has seen a monkey or even a picture of a monkey has wanted it for a pet. They are adorable. They have hands like ours. Even better they have feet they can use like hands and TAILS! Tails are awesome. They can do tricks. Monkeys are very entertaining. They seem to be somewhat trainable and look very, very cuddly. Even I wanted a monkey when I was a kid.

As shocking as this revelation may be, I am no longer a kid. I do not think monkeys would make a good pet. They seem too unpredictable. And how do you get then to do what you want? Then there is the whole poop issue. Pet monkeys, I think by law, are supposed to ride on your shoulder. As stylish as that is, the question I want answered is what happens when he needs to poop? People have had monkeys as companions for ages, so I'm sure there are many strategies to handle this problem. However, I have been to the primate exhibit at the zoo. They eat their poop. They even throw their poop. I'm imagining that it would be like living with a permanent 2-yr-old. I loved my children when they were two, but I had the sure knowledge that they would grow out of that phase. While 2-year-olds are adorable, they can be monstrous. Or in this case, they can be little monkeys.

No. I've think I've lived through my monkey phase. Until I have grandchildren. In which case, I can leave them with their parents after a good dose of spoiling and chocolate.

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