Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Doubt the doubts before your testimony

From Elder Monzingo. Current weather conditions in Braganca, Brazil: 87 feels like 94. Rain.

So this took longer to get out than I wanted but my time doing things
was interrupted cause we had made plans to eat at an investigators
house so I had to come back now as I didn´t get the time to do this
then. But this week went well. We had some weirdness with a few splits
we did with other missionaries and honestly I think I traveled to
different places almost every day this week. Like 4 of the 7. But it´s
behind me now. And the part where I stayed somewhere else for a day
was cool. It was interesting working in Capanema. Plus you can buy 1
liter of ice cream for 5 reais which is awesome like you have no idea.
There is not enough ice cream here. They should fix that. But we had
the baptisms of part of our family this week. Vitoria and Rafael. The
other part of the family is the mom and dad who really are only
waiting on the whole marriage thing(which has sped up significantly
since we started teaching) to get baptized themselves. And the other 2
kids. Ademar Jr. seems to be somewhat uninterested but we are going to
try teaching him specifically to see if he really is uninterested or
just hasn´t had a reason to be interested or something like that. And
Ananda who received her answer(I think I talked about her a few weeks
ago) But now is somewhat iffy. Cause there are people that are talking
bad about the church and whatnot to her and she wants to keep the
friends that are causing doubts and all that. I´m not really sure how
to help her. She recently stopped reading scriptures and praying, like
Friday, and didn´t go to church and all that stuff. So I´m not sure
what it is that we can do. But I hope that we can find something. Plus
the members that we were teaching them with got back and ANanda became
really good friends with Larissa so hopefully she can help with that
stuff. But this week really went better(or at least less tiring) than
the last. It´s the last week of this transfer. SO we´re gonna find out
what happens this Sunday. But I don´t think I´ll move. But then again,
nothing is really predictable. We go where the Lord commands. But I
love you all. Talk to yáll later

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