Monday, August 15, 2016

Mountain Dew

Apparently, I only post things when I have news from our missionary. I promise to do a family update this week. Just not today. I did manage to get a few more details than usual from the boy. Carefully crafted questions are gold. Current weather conditions in Braganca: 80 degrees. Feels like 85. Humidity is 77%. No rain. The rain has moved to Texas.

This week on today is some sort of town holiday so lots of places are
closed. So this is really very late but it is the earliest that I
could get on. But this week went rather well. We had the baptism of
Anita. She was reallly nervous about it all before it happened but
afterwards everything was fine. I´m rather glad about it all.

 My new companion is pretty cool. Elder Steindorf. He is from Curitiba in south Brazil. ALSO he brought Mountain
Dew that his parents sent this last week so it´s safe to say that our
house had a party with mountain dew and tereré.

 And he´s really just pretty cool in general. The jokes he makes are a lot like the ones 
Brother Jackson made where he's just serious and it's hilarious. 
He´s ready to work and is a bit uncertain of
somethings, BUT that might just be because he stayed 4 transfers with
his trainer. BUT I´m gonna help him out with whatever i can. We´ve
already done a lot this week but I´m hoping that we can do eve more
this coming week. It´s gonna be cool. 

Branganca is different from Obidos. Very different. Like. a
lot. There is no dust here for one. 

Also the fact that people
tell you literally everything bad that they´ve done in their lives
after knowing you about 2 minutes is rather surprising.
It´s not bad. it´s just strange at times. Like you sit there
with some guy who tells you he got really addicted to crack and
cocaine and has travelled the world separated from his wife and 2 kids
because of drug issues and has another kid with someone living in
london and now he´s living here clean from the drugs but with some
other chick. But he´s pretty cool so we´s gonna get thems married and
then they´s gonna be members. I hope.
I love you guys

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