Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Can You Feel So Now?

So. I totally forgot to post last week. So, It will be a two for one kind of day. What I think is most interesting is how he is forgetting how to say things in English.

This is me, my companion, and Irmã Fabiana.

 And this is Irmã Fabiana with her family. 

Irmã Fabiana was re-baptized Saturday and Confirmed
Sunday cause her records were lost. Like, didn´t exsist. And honestly
this is probably one of the only times that I can say I´ve seen this
and that I´ll get to see it. But I think it is awesome that she
decided to do this again. Talking with her was really kinda cool. She
said that she honestly doesn´t feel like the first time she was ready,
at least in part because she understood almost nothing of what the
missionaries were saying because it was all in spanish and not
portuguese (she ran into the church in Bolivia) But now she feels
really ready for it. I shared the scripture Alma 5:26 with them at the
baptism. "E eis que eu vos digo, se haveis experimentado uma mudança
no coração, e se haveis sentido o desejo de cantar o cântico de amor
que redime, eu perguntaria, podeis agora sentir isso?" (That´s mostly
memory with a few corrections after looking at the scripture, also I
can´t do that very well with the English one) Because she really has
that desire to continue and this was a moment where she needed to ask,
"Can I feel so now?" So I really hope that you guys can all feel so
now. Even if you have a lot of time in the church I hope that Right
now you can feel it. I love you guys. Keep going. Look for the best.
Eat pancakes.

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