Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Choosing The Path

Latest from Elder Monzingo. Weather forecast for today in Braganca: High of 87. Low 75. Thunderstorms.

SO There´s this family in our ward here. A month or two ago it was discovered that there records in the church don't exist and they need to be re-baptized. They were both baptized in Bolivia but I guess the missionaries didn´t send the record or something happened so that they don´t exist as members of the church officially. This week Irmã Fabiana talked with us and the Bishop saying she had decided to be baptized again. So this week we are going to do her baptism. I feel like that had to be a big decision, her husband hasn´t decided yet. But when we talk with her this week we´ll see if we can help him too. I feel like he´s still in this state of shock because of it all. Which isn´t surprising. But I hope he decides to come back into the fold. 

But this week went rather well, we got a lot done and the ward is starting to get more involved with the work. We are going to start working a bit more with the Bishop like we need to and it´s going well. Really we are getting to work a lot more than I had been doing in the past. This next week is gonna be great. I love you guys.

Also Brazilians take their soccer seriously. They won soccer in the Olympics. But for them they won the whole Olympics. it was funny. But I think it´s too big to send but I´ll still try. I love you guys. 
Elder Monzingo
Missão Brazil Belém

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