Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Changes Come

A little late, but here is the news from our Elder Monzingo:

So The Transfer arrived yesterday. Elder Vebre was transferred out of
Bragança. I´m staying here just that I had to go to Belém to get my
new companion. So that´s why this is really really really late. Sorry
about that. But Now I´m actually senior companion. So that´s new.
Although I kinda think that in the end if you do the things right
there really isn´t much of a difference between senior or junior.
Unless of course one of the two doesn´t want to work or something like
that. But the week went well. This last week we did a lot to help our
main investigators that were the big focus. Annita and Ananda are both
having a bit of trouble because of old friends from church that are
now telling them things like well really just things that don´t make
sense that aren´t true about the church. So That´s always fun. But
both of them are excited(last time I checked) for their baptisms which
should be this week. If of course they really feel ready. Annita is
all good. But I Wonder a little bit if Ananda is ready to do it with
the people talking lies to her head. But We´ll see what happens. But
i´m excited to be working with my new companion Elder Steindorf. He´s
from Curitiba here in Brazil. Although it´s a lot more to the South.
But It should be good. I love you all. Talk to y´all later

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