Tuesday, July 26, 2016

the week

New email from Elder Monzingo with pictures!

This week was rather tiring. There was this whole weird thing with
divisions and a district meeting and all that stuff. And honestly it´d
be fine except we´re all somewhat far apart and so there´s a lot of
traveling done by people. which isn´t even done yet. We have more
divisions this week and other missionaries that already went to Belém
to renew visas but had to go back today and more traveling and
honestly traveling is not the best. Like I´m really tired. But this
week was good(other than the traveling) and today I can sleep and be
less tired! We are running into all sorts of people that are
rather interested in the gospel because of this family we are
teaching. We have a new investigator and her family that are all
receiving the messages. They are rather cool. But they all live on
these little bridge thingys that I have yet to take a photo of but will
so yeah. Also we went to this activity Saturday (mostly cause that was
sort of where our food was and there were some investigators going)
Which was cool. We played chess and dominos a little. And the guitar.
A little. I don´t really know how to play but I have figured out how
to play the opening parts for some music. Like, seven nation army and
come as you are, and that´s like it. cause they´re really simple. And
I don´t know how to play guitar. But also the two wards here (actually
I think the stake) are doing a trip to the Recife temple this week.
I´m a little bit jealous. But I don´t really have anything I can do
about it so it´s really well, yeah. I could use a temple those things
are great. But I love you guys. Have a great week!

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