Monday, May 29, 2017

My Week

Finally got an email that was a little bit more than a quick note. The boy is doing well and keeping busy.

So transfers are interesting. Like, sometimes you decide to play a prank on one of your room mates and freeze their missionary name tag in a bottle. Then they find out about it soak a pair of your socks and shove them in the freezer which you discover the next morning. It was hilarious. 

But the week with my new companion was pretty sweet. We were able to help 6 people get to church this week and that was great. It's been a while since I've had that many investigators in there and so it was good to have that. Plus some of them were somewhat surprises as we had some of them who had moved outside of the area but are now back in the area. So that was great to see them. This week we are planning in starting to work in a part of the area that honestly, I've never been to before. Truthfully I don't know if many missionaries have worked in that region, but it's close by to were the temple here in the city will be built. (the land where it's gonna be is inside my area) SO that'll be good to build up a group of people around there to visit always. 

Also I am holding a white rabbit. No it didn't go flying at anyone to rip out their throats or anything like that. But it was rather soft and fluffy. Love you guys

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