Monday, May 29, 2017

Transfers Which Would Be Why No Email

Much to our disappointment, we didn't really hear from Daniel the past two weeks. We did get to talk to him on Mother's Day. Sort of. The connection was not very good. Spent most of the time trying to reconnect the call. I nearly cried. The last bit (5 minutes) came through clearly enough. He is doing well. He'll be home in November. He is a bit disappointed about not being able to stay until December, but this Momma is not too sad about that. I have some pictures that a member sent me of the last day before transfers. Also included is a picture of Elder Moroni in his new area, which just happens to be Daniel's last area.

Sooo. I wasn't transferred. However I was waiting for people to arrive pretty much the whole day and pretty much didn't get to do almost anything. So they are letting me do so now But my companion, Elder Moroni, was transferred. Now I'm here with Elder SimiĆ£o. I was actually his district leader for about 3 transfers so I already know the guy. He's pretty awesome. But it's just going to be new experiences. But Like no time. SO this week was cool I love you guys don't die have fun!

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