Friday, June 9, 2017

The Weddings and Worms

I've been at Young Women's camp all week and haven't been able to post the latest email. Oh. My. Goodness. The boy ate a worm. What the Heck!? 

So I did not get worms. at all. But I did eat one. It's called turu. Which I just learned that in english ( thank you google) is called teredo. It's this kind of worm thing that lives in wood. It's kinda hard to get down you're throat because you want to chew but nothing happens when you do. and it's kinda slimy and in the end you just have to kinda swallow and it goes down.

But we also had a wedding of some investigators Saturday. Their baptism was not held because there are some things that they are still needing to resolve but they are showing an amazing amount of progress. So it's really awesome to see that.

I was Super happy with our ward this week. We had this new guy visiting. He was invited by members to be friends on facebook, whatsapp, every other social media they have + invited to every ward activity we are having for the next month. The guy absolutely loved his visit. And made friends. That's how it should be. Walking in there makes you a friend. I love you guys

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