Monday, May 1, 2017

A Semana e o Mangal

Our missionary requested a chocolate Easter bunny and a Dallas Cowboy t-shirt. I found the chocolate bunny. I even found Cowboy t-shirts. For women. Our local Wal-mart failed us this time. We even scoured some of the other shops in our little town. It is baseball season in Texas and that means Rangers merchandise is available. I don't know if he is disappointed. He said a Rangers shirt was just fine. Anyway, his week sounds like it was fantastic.

the week was awesome! We were able to bring 5 people to church. One of these people in specific is really awesome, we've been meeting with him for about a month. During which he read the entire Book of Mormon and was really excited to go to church. He is very interested in receiving an answer to really know if the church is true. SO this week we're gonna go back and see how he felt. We weren't able to talk much with him when he left. But this week will be awesome. There was also a young woman with a lot of questions that went. See enjoyed it as well and honestly I look forward to the questions, it's better when they're asked. Also today we went to this park place called o Mangal das garças. It's this bird park sort of thing. Garça is heron in english so you can imagine wwhat kind of birds. I would send more pictures cep´t this computer isn't the best and so I only got one in there. Next week I'll try to send out more of our trip. But I love you guys. 

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