Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Elder Costa

My favorite thing about this week's mail-lots of pictures. These are the pictures from last week that he promised to send.  Enjoy!

So this week was pretty cool. We had the visit from Elder Claudio R. M. Costa the current Brazilian area president. That was a really cool conference. He taught a lot of stuff. Everytime I think back on the stuff he told us I notice something new. Which is interesting. It's awesome when you can keep learning from your experiences over and over again. 

But there was this family that we started teaching and they were awesome. We found them because they went to church pretty much on their own. It was going great until we found out that it wasn't our area. So we presented them with the other missionaries of their area and left the situation. Which sucked. But I still hope to see them at some later point in time.

Also I found apple juice and ran into someone that plays football here in brazil. He's on a team and everything. That was cool. Also from said person I found out that the patriots won the super bowl.

I love you guys. always take everything you can from your leaders

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