Monday, January 30, 2017

transmissions and RAIN

Here is the latest news from the missionary:

This week we had a world wide transmission for missionaries which was pretty cool. I was rather happy with it especially seeing as how I got to listen to it in a language I understood. Namely, Portuguese. Last year it was transmitted to us in the same language just seeing as how I had gotten here in BelĂ©m literally the day before I understood absolutely nothing that they were saying that time. BUT, one year late and you get the hang of the stuff they say in other languages. But the rest of the week was also pretty cool. We have run into several people that are married recently which is like, Awesome! It's so stupidly rare to find people like that you wouldn't believe. So the Lord is definitely throwing some miracles our way. Now I just hope that these people decide that we are nice missionaries. So here's hoping for the best. I love you guys.

Also this is what a year and a little bit of walking every day does to shoes.

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