Monday, January 9, 2017

More Hospital

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So I think that this area has me doomed to visit the hospital frequently. We went there today to do this exam that my companion had to do. Well everyone said that he was gonna be suuuuper drugged up and would be totally out of it. Except that seemingly didn't happen, he's fine. Which honestly I thought that he would be fine. So not that much of a surprise. But I think he's still a little freaked out. cause in the morning he was really nervous and he forgot a few things that happened right after the exam so I think he isn't fully recovered mentally. 

BUT, the week was cool. Everyone here is starting to catch fire. Bishop is helping us out to start getting all of the members a lot more involved in the work to help out our investigators. There was also a baptism that the sisters in my district had. I actually knew the guy a little bit before hand, and had the immense pleasure of giving him a baptismal interview. I loved how well he understood the atonement. Like it's something that everyone needs to understand. But he understood a lot better than other new members that I've met. His name is Moises. but he asked me to do his baptism. And it was a good thing we went. Honestly the whole thing wouldn't have happened without us seeing as how there were almost no people present for some reason. But things will all get better right? Right.

 But we also helped this one less active/part member family move. We showed up at their house in the exact moment that we were doing the move. So we went and helped put all the stuff in the truck then got in the truck and helped pull everything out. Which was awesome. Especially seeing as how we have no idea how they would've done that without us. I think we got sent there for a reason. Now we just gotta help them get back to church and it'll be even better. So yeah. 

Also the Clint Eastwood thing is something we saw today. It's essentially a beard cut place. And yeah. I love you guys!

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