Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Cures

Weather today in Belem: 82 feels like 90.

This week, well yesterday actually, I had a special opportunity to do something that I haven't in a while. We went to the house of this one member 
who was sick and then we gave him the sacrament. That was awesome. I saw something in there that I don't think that I realized before. I saw him tear this big chunk of bread to eat, and then he ate it piece by piece. I got to think about that a little. I could almost see that bread and that cup of water wiping everything clean. That was super special. I didn't take the sacrament in that moment but that was really special to me. The sacrament, and the atonement really do have the power to heal us. They can make us whole. Any wound, in whatever place on our heart and soul can be made whole. But we have to let it be made whole. The things may leave their scars, but we can be whole again. Heavenly Father lets us find our way back to him, lets us become whole. 
Alma 7:11-12
Psalms 147:3
I Love You Guys. Pay attention to the little moments like these. They are the most important. Talk to y'all next week. 

Also forgot something. I got this box from some of the primary in my ward. It came with some funny cards(Among which was "marry Christmas") And Candy canes. So I did this. Was mummified and buried on top of a matress

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