Monday, January 2, 2017


This week in Monzingo house we have an abundance of birthdays. Actually, the birthday celebrations start right before Christmas with Daniel. New Year's Day is Jacob's birthday and then the very next day is Elizabeth's. (We have another teenager in the house.) Here is the latest from Elder Monzingo.

So this week was cool. I went on an exchange with another missionary which is apparently going to happen again and thinking abou it I've been on those for like a week straight. But it was cool. It's all been going good recently. This week we've been visiting this one family we've beeen teaching Cristiano and √Āvilla, with some more members. Also these 2 have decided to get hitched so we are doing all that stuff with them. It should be awesome But new years eve day we ate lunch in Subway, of which I took pictures cause it's exactly the same thing. Like, you walk in there and it's like you're in a portuguese languaged America. 

That night for some reason there was absolutely nobody in the streets, Like shockingly empty. Which was strange seeing as how Christmas Eve and Day there were still quite a lot of people in the streets partying and stuff but New Years, nothing.

 But that night Bishop invited us to come over to his house and eat. we ate a lot. There was a lot of food. And he had to go and take some people to this place where there was a stake caravan leaving for the temple in Recife. So they left us in the house alone. Seeing as how we had an extended curfew thanks to our Mission President(Who is totally the best MP in the World) we decided to surprise them a little and washed all the dishes and straightened out the house a little.

 Clea(The Bishop's wife) Didn't believe it. It was awesome. Then we went home and slept. Actually we didn't get to sleep until like 12, but there were also no fireworks we could see. Just the smoke and flashes. Our apartment has absolutely no view. But I love you guys. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! Make the best of it

Happy New Year from all the Monzingos!

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