Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Very short email this week. Usually an indication that he is very busy. Which is good.

This was the watermelon I ate the other day. It was awesome. You guys have no idea how long I've been wanting to eat some watermelon. Like, it's been about a month just that nobody else here in this area apparently wants watermelon so I had to take measures into my own hands. And I bought some and I ate it and it was great. BUUTTTTTTTT, yesterday was our stake conference which was cool. Some other missionaries there that I haven't seen in a while that was cool. other than that we had a member of the seventy there that was awesome. Like, i really liked some of the things that he talked about. Our mission president and his wife were also there and it's alays really cool to see them. They are really awesome people. BUT, It's all going good. Everyone is happy. Nobody is dead. And it's all going. I love you guys.

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