Tuesday, January 24, 2017


As much as he has grown, it's good to see that he can still play.

Saturday, I played Bloons Tower Defense.

These were the Bloons that were used at the 1 year anniversary party of Cristian, the kid of our investigator family that we are working to get married.

I decided to sit down and they ruthlessly attacked me. 

I was swallowed, engulfed in a sea of never ending bloons, doomed to certain death. 

Miraculously I managed to fight my way out of the sea of hostile bloons and stand. However they were extremely persistent and kept holding on with their evil destructive bloon powers. As I walked around, frantically trying to free myself from their evil clutches I managed to free myself and they returned to their normal form. But, as I was now free, the tables had turned. And I turned my Wrath upon them and signaled their doom. They gave a considerable resistance, fighting for their lives. But they were no match in the end for my awesome bloon popping skills. Their bubbles popped, their tyranny destroyed. We rid the land of their evil reign, never to return again.

On another note I found a rather nice childhood toy in the form of a Nerf gun(Which are super expensive here, like a small one is around 120 reais, Like WAAAAAYYYYYY too expensive) That was cool. Seeing as how there were no darts I didn't shoot anything but that's ok.

 And yesterday was the transfer. I'm staying in the area to end my son's training. But like, pretty much the rest of the mission changed. We had 1 Assistant and 10 Zone leaders go home. So there's a lot of changes. On the list of the dead this transfer is my Trainer. That kinda sucks. I had wanted to see him before he got sent off. Hopefully I can get i a phone call today. But I'm gonna miss that guy. he really is pretty awesome. Taught me a whole lot. There are seriously things that I can still see that I do that he did. I can see a lot of things he did to help me out. He made sure that I left my training ready for anything. But yeah. Papai já se foi. tchau Papai. Terei saudades. Eu amo vocês meus amados!!! Até semana que vem!!!!

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