Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas and Stuff

Christmas Day we got to Skype with Daniel. It was wonderful. I didn't realize how much I had missed hearing his voice. I was surprised by the reactions of his siblings. Except for the youngest they all teared up when it was their turn to talk to him. Joseph could barely even speak. We were probably on longer than we should've been. He is doing very well. Determined to make the most of the time he has available to help the most people. We learned that Subway is the same in Brazil as it is in the US. We even got to say hello to his companion, who is from the south of Brazil where it is not nearly as hot as it is in Belem. (81 degrees and rainy today)  Here is his letter today with LOTS of pictures.

Hey! So this week was eventful. We had a ward christmas party and there was a birthday(Mine) and there was Christmas and a phone call to the family and all that cool stuff right? Right. So The week itself was fine. We went around talking to the peoples and stuff. And then on the 22nd we had our ward chirstmas activity. Some pictures of my companion and I are placed below. 

But that was cool. There were a lot of people there. A lot of people there actually that weren't members. So yeah that was cool. but then the next day was my birthday. My Companion(being awesome) Bought me said 3 chocolate bars which we ate in about 2 days. 

And because our Lunch appointment was to be some money that day I made tacos. my companion is from South Brazil which s super big on meats and stuff, and he decided to let me make the taco meat. Even though(as I later found out) didn't trust that I was a good enough cook to be able to do so. Then he tried out my taco meat and was like "WOW, This was waaayyyyy better than I was expecting." So thanks for trusting me on that one right? Right.(Except if I was him I probably wouldn't have trusted me either). 

But then Saturday night there was this one sister who sent us food to eat cause she's awesome. She also made a bunch of stuff for my birthday but we got super delayed at the chapel that night by an appointment we had with someone that was super important and we couldn't miss and we ended up missing out on the partyish thing for me. But she forgave us so it's all good. (i think). 

Then it was Christmas which was spent at the Bishop's house to call our families. Sacrament meeting was pretty cool. The 2 Bishops of the 2 wards spoke and our mission president was present. After lunch we went to Bishop's and talked to our families for a while. Which was somewhat strange because I was looking at mine, and like, half of them are different then they were before. Like, Sarah and Hannah were the same. but everyone else was different among my siblings. I'm probably gonna get back and not recognize them, I'm almost positive of that. 

How 20 years old and 1 year of the mission looks like

 How it feels like.

I love you guys. Talk to y'all later. Any thing you need just let me know and I'll try my absolute hardest to help

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