Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Prophets

From Elder Monzingo:

So this week I ended up talking a lot about prophets. There were a lot
of people that we taught that didn´t quite get what a prophet is.
You´d honestly be surprised at how many people don´´t understand like
what a prophet is. And so there were like 3 people this week that we
shared the first lesson with that were shown a lot of scriptures
telling them what is a prophet and that yes we should have them today
and yes they are rather needed in our lives. which is cool. It´s
really awesome being able to show people in the scriptures the stuff.
But this next week everyone here has an assignment. For those who
don´t know this weekend there will be this thing called general
conference. It´s a conference transmitted on the internet and by
satellite where the living prophet, Like Moses, Noah, Isaiah,
Abraham,etc.etc.etc., and the living 12 apostles, like Peter, James,
John, Matthew, Luke, Judas, The other Judas, Thomas, Andrew, the other
James, Phillip, Bartholomew, Lebbaeus, and Simon. And I´m inviting you
all. Go to look for general conference to see what times there
are and then go watch it in one of those times. I can promise you all
that it will be some of the best 2 hours of your life. I love you guys

Also this is me and my companion eating açai a few weeks ago

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