Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Interesting Encounters

This week's email from Daniel:

SO this week I made alfredo! It was AWESOME!!! Waaayyyyyy better than
the last time. Because I bought cheese that worked for the stuff. Also
it had chicken and was just rather good in general. I don´t have
pictures though. Although we did take some. Because everytime we make
food in house it´s a moment to be celebrated. Usually. But this week,
or more like the end, was rather interesting. We ran into this guy
from israel. Somehow he´s lost in brazil. Speaks broken english, much
better spanish and also french and aramaic and hebrew. SO yeah.
interesting stuff. And yeah. he´s an interesting guy. But he´s
probably heading out of here soon so yeah. But this week was good. We
had alfredo. And everyone in the family of Ademar is travelling. They
went to a city close by because(I´m forgetting how to phrase sentences
in english guys. I don´t know how to do it I just know that how I want
to do it isn´t correct) o pai da irmâ socorro(espousa do ademar)
morreu. SO yeah. The family isn´t exactly the best off but We are
going to do the best we can to help them out with that. Lots of fams
enternal. But i love you guys. Also My P-day next week will be
Tuesday. Cause there is an area seventy doing a mission tour here in
Belém Monday. So yeah. that´s like, it. Bye bye.

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