Tuesday, September 13, 2016


No. He didn't get eaten by a snake.

Alright, I guess like no one read email stuff that I sent last week or
something like that because I got like 3 emails from people that were
like "WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?! Did you get eaten by a snake?????" So
evidently they didn´t see the part last week that said "Also my P-day
next week will be Tuesday because we will have an area seventy here
talking to us Monday." But talking about the guy Elder Sergio
Antunes. he was really cool. We spent the whole day with him which was
really cool. He was very funny and knows a lot about the scriptures.
He talked a lot about the sacrament and different things and there is
the necessity for 2 cures. Water and Blood, Better known as baptism
and the sacrament. I thought the guy was really awesome. it would be
cool to some day just like sit down with somebody that has that much
knowledge and just let him teach ya stuff. Also I have like 9 months
in my mission so we celebrated with pastels. Which was good. They
tasted good. One was almost like a doughnut, which don´t exist here so
it was great. But I also got to see Old companions and people I knew.
So we have a picture here of everyone that arrived in Belém with me
minus a few because they are in zones rather long from us. Also with
all of my companions minus the MTC one that went to the Curitiba south
mission. But yeah it was really rather cool. I love you guys!

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