Monday, September 19, 2016

All Good Things to Those That Wait

So the transfer was yesterday. Elder Wilzbach that lives with us got
sent out of here. But Elder Steindorf and i are still here to work in
Bragan├ža. But this week a cool thing happened. Ananda finally got
baptized. After this strange back and forth of wanting to and then not
doing it with people talking stuff and getting her uninterested and
then being interested again and on and on and on, she finally decided
to do it. The awesome part wasn´t necessarily that but that when she
did it she was more firm about her decision than she had ever been
before. So it was really cool to be able to be here for that. The next
part of this family will be the parents. They are sending in the stuff
to get married this week (at least that´s the plan) and then whenever
they are officially married they want to be baptized the same day
after we do some sort of wedding ceremony in the church. So it should
be cool.  But this week was like, a little bit weird, I was on splits
with other missionaries for the largest part of the week and then as
part of that I was on a bus for the largest part of the morning just
about every day. But it was cool. This week was honestly very
interesting with some interesting things that happened on the other
side of the city with the other missionaries. And I overall liked how
the week went. But now it´s the start of a new transfer and time to do
even better now than we ddi these past 6 weeks. I love you guys

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