Monday, October 3, 2016

Conference Miracles

From Elder Monzingo:

Welp nows the part where you all tell me if you went and  watched
conference cause i's like, important and stuff so yeah. But I liked it
a lot. And it really does bring miracles. There was someone that
during the preisthood session he was passing the chapel and decided to
see what it was like inside, saw a friend of his, stayed, watched,
liked it and came back the next day to watch the other 2 sessions. So
that was rather cool. I hope that he decides that everything else is
as good as conference. But one of the talks that I really liked quite
a bit was Elder Rasband's. He talked about not forgetting who we are
and our heritage and the things that have happened in our past. Always
remember that you are all children of God and that he is here to help
you. Also I really really liked President Russell M. Nelson´s talk. He
talked a lot about joy. ANd how it is that we need to have joy in
every moment. Even when we soffer. ANd also one thing he said that I
rather liked was "if we follow the worlds standard for happiness we
will never have joy" At least I think that was it seeing as how I
listened in Portuguese. But really there are things in the world so
much more happy than you can imagine. But the gospel has the most
happy things. ALWAYS. I love you guys. Choose the Right

Also I didn't like any of these photos but this is what happens when
you go on a split with your district leader and he got a box from home
and the actual mint ones he likes but prefers strawberry and he was
happy with stuff you did in his area with his companion. So yeah. Also
it was almost full and it was pretty much all gone like one day after.
So yeah.

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