Saturday, June 4, 2016

This Week

I am a bad mom. I got Daniel's letter and didn't share it. In my defense, it has been a crazy busy week. Trying to get myself and girls ready for camp and everyone else ready for us to be at camp. Next letter will also be posted later than usual. We will be at Young Women camp. I promise to share it as soon as I am back. As a bonus, I may even toss in a camp report.

Here is the latest from Elder Monzingo. Current weather conditions in Obidos Brazil: 80 degrees and rain with thunder.

So this week wasn´t the best week that we´ve had. For some reason I
think both of us weren´t at our best. But, One of our Almoços this
week was the family of Josiel. That was awesome. Cause, like he and
his wife were less active 2ish months ago and none of there kids were
baptized and then we started teaching their family baptized the three
oldest and now they´re on our food calendar! That is really awesome,
you can actually see the people and remember where they were and look
at where they are! There are few things that are like that. Actually I
don´t know of one specifically for me I can really think of that is
like that. But yeah. That is really mostly it. I really hope that I
can have more things like that while I´m still here in Óbidos. Cause
That´s awesome. I love all you guys.

 Also this is a coconut before you drink it, 

 this is pato no tucupi

 this is maniçoba

  and that´s chicken

and that´s all of it together

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