Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm Gone

Our missionary has been transferred to a new area.

So the transfer was this past Sunday and I am officially no longer a
missionary in Óbidos. I´m still in Óbidos right now but tomorrow I
catch a flight to Belém from where I will go to my next area in
Bragrança, Castanhal. So that´s that. Said see ya later to some people
here already and we will probably visit some others a bit later today,
but it´s all good. A part of the mission. And just when I was getting
used to sleeping in a hammock on a boat. Now I´m never gonna get on a
boat for said reason again while I´m here. Probably. Maybe. I don´t
know we´ll find out. But this week went well. There was this activity
that the Elder´s Quorum did that was pretty cool. We went to this
Place a little far outish from the city where there was fish that we
ate and there was soccer that they played and it was good. Fun. My
companion and I actually played Uno for a lot of the time seeing that
we couldn´t play soccer. Cause there´s a rule about that here and it´s
funny sometimes because he really really really wants to play. But it
went well. And I feel like we really did a lot here and there were a
lot of people that we got to church yesterday which was good. I feel
like I really did do what I could to try and leave Óbidos better off
than I found it. I really liked here. But if nothing else now I won´t
have to climb these massive hills everyday to get to around the church
where we work. Cause everywhere else in the mission is flat from what
I hear. Just here really that isn´t quite so flat. But I love you
guys.That´s it.

Braganca is closer to the ocean, but not right on it. Population 113,165. Current weather is 86 degrees with rain.,+State+of+Par%C3%A1,+Brazil/@-1.074157,-46.880677,11z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x92aedecce67a1a81:0xc45456e67f178087!8m2!3d-1.0616193!4d-46.7830109?hl=en

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