Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Holy Ghost Isn't Very Predictable

We are back from camp. Actually got back Thursday. I was very happy to come home and to be able to read the news from our missionary. A little later than I usually post, but here is the news from Elder Monzingo:

So I had this moment where without a doubt it was something the spirit
said but I didn´t even realize it. We were trying to think of what to
teach one of our investigators during the first part of the week and
decided it should be a story about repentance. We wanted to be able
to see who they were both before and after their conversion. And it
couldn´t be an angel that came down and did the whole repent ye repent
ye thing. So I was like, Lets go with Zeezrom (Alma 12ish-15ish). And
so when I was teaching about said Zeezrom with some of the scriptures
that talk about him our investigator was not just relating to it but
the story had apparently happened in her life in the week before or
something like that. So yeah. You never know. Cause that was
definitely not me that decided Zeezrom. I couldn´t have possibly done
something that perfectly described the situation she was in. SO PAY
ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING. Cause the Spirit could be anything. Also I
ate Capybara this week. It was good. Although from what I heard about
it it may or may not be illegal to hunt them. and eat them. That too.
But I didn´t know. And if they put it on the table in front of me and
tell me to eat it I will. Plus we weren´t told what it was until about
a day or 2 after we ate it. But yeah. Fun food. experiment everything.
Except Muruci, never try Muruci. That is the worst fruit and food in
the world. I love you guys though. Don´t forget to pray always. D&C

Also this is a pet of a member. I kinda want one. But no pets. Plus I
might try to make it explode if I had one. And these were the people
that got baptized this week. Also references are really important.
Pretty much the only people that I´ve seen baptized since I got here
were references or people that got invited to Church. Including
Jessica and Renilson here.

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