Monday, May 23, 2016


And now the latest news from Elder Monzingo:

YEAH! Wasn´t transferred. Both I and Elder Borges are staying here.
But like, eh I would like to stay here at least this transfer and I
got my wish! But next one is iffy.    I´ve been here 4ish months
and have probably at the maximum 2 more. But really this transfer is
probably my last here in Óbidos. But who knows, I´ll just have to wait
and see. But We had the Baptism of Everton which was pretty cool. He
was someone that we had been trying to contact but hadn´t been able to
because of time and stuff. Then one day he was heading into church and
we ran into him and he was like ``alright you guys have these days and
this time to talk to me in my house this week´´ That was rather cool.
It was really something that he wanted and has been following and
coming to church for really about 1.5ish months without meeting with us
so yeah. But we´ve been working a lot these weeks. Already hit our
goal for the month and are hoping that we can pass it. We have some
people who, like I said, need just a little bit more time. Really
it´ll be their decision completely. I don´t actually know if they´ll
decide to open that door until after I leave here. But I hope that
they do it. It´d be cool if I was here to see it and everything but if
not oh well. At least I helped.

also we got spiffy mormon helping hands hats.

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