Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Looks like a good week for Elder Mozingo:

So this week was a week. And we had a zone meeting during said week.
At said zone meeting which almost didn´t happen because we almost
didn´t have the money to pay the boat to get there, I bought a
ZARABATANA. Which is a blow dart gun. It´s really awesome and I love
it. I´m going to keep it forever. But we have several ``mortos´´ in
our zone. For 3 people it is now their last week in the mission. So
next week the zone is probably going to change quite a bit. one zone
leader, a district leader, and another missionary. Right now it´s our
last week in this transfer which truthfully went really really fast. I
honestly don´t exactly know what happened. Although it was shorter
than normal. Just 5 weeks. there´s one in every year. But we are gonna
do our best to finish out strong this last week and be the best we
can. And then next time I send out an email I might not be staying
here in Ă“bidos. But we´ll find that out Sunday. I love you guys!

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