Monday, June 13, 2016

This Time on the Elder Monzingo Show

Alright so this week went well. I liked this week. For one I have been
out here 6 months. That´s weird. It doesn´t feel like that long. I
hope that´s a sign that I´ve been really working hard. because there
are days when the time seems to pass like a turtle through wet cement
and it sucks. But when you really work and do stuff the time flys. But
We have made pão de queijo this past week really. I don´t remember if
I´ve already said that or not. But really it´s kinda like fluffy
cheese tat you bake so it flufflies. It´s good. I like it. And we had
the baptism of Pamela this week. That was cool. I think actually that
probably every baptism I´ve had since I´ve been here has been
references. So really these things are important. Talk to your friends
neighbors everybody you know and then talk to the missionaries. Or
better yet talk to said people with the missionaries and everything is
gonna be great. You´´l love it, the missionaries will love it, and
yeah. I love you guys. Be safe have a nice week.

(I found a recipe!

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