Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Monzingo is in his new area. And I think he's a little excited about Independence Day.

Unfortunately there isn´t some sort of shirt that I can rip into shred
to reveal my other shirt under that one that is a massive flag of the
United States of America With painted fireworks and flags on my face
and arms and then turn into Captain America beating up Nazis to
display my patriotism but I can sing rather loudly with my American
missionary roomate and our district leader(through the phone) the
national anthem while saluting a daily planner that said roomate made
with a picture of said flag of the USA! USA! USA!
 So that happened. And this week was interesting. I left Óbidos Monday
night and now I´m in Bragança. There´s 2 wards here, so I´m in a house
with 4 missionaries. It´s nice here. So far I like it. It´s no where
near as hot and there aren´t these massive hills everywhere. It also
has rained just about every day that I´ve been here. They also have a
stronger Ward mission than Óbidos. We have a Ward Mission Leader who
is in part preparing to go out on a mission himself but is really
working hard to do his calling and 2 newly called(this past Sunday)
ward missionaries. I think this should be good. We just need to work
with them all. But this week is gonna be interesting because Wednesday
I´m going to Castanhal on a division with the zone leaders and then
Thursday we have a Zone conference with the Mission President. So I´m
not even gonna be here for 2ish days this week. I just hope that all
goes well and I can make maybe a small difference this Wednesday. So
really it´s gonna be rather busy. At least I hope so. But it´s also
gonna be really tiring. I love you guys.

Elder Monzingo

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