Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Edilson and Family

The latest news from Elder Monzingo:

So this week we had the baptism of Edilson, Valda, Thayan, and Thais. A family we´ve been teaching for a while. But they got baptized this week. That was really cool. First family that actually both of us have baptized. I was rather glad for that. 

I am rather grateful for the probably 8 different syrup ideas I received and that I received almost
all of them within about 15 minutes of sending out said email. So that was rather nice. Although truthfully as of yet I have not done really any making of syrup as an opportunity has not yet arisen. So yeah. But
the next great adventure is cookies. Only thing is there is no reliable way to tell what temperature the oven is and I don´t exactly know where I can find chocolate chips. But other than that everything else is set. I think. 

But anywho the week was good in general. We had a service project again with the cleaning up the city on Saturday which went well. And we are going to have the last one this week. After that. I don´t know. But yeah. I think that that´s really mostly it for said this week. 

But remember that there is a lot out in the world that tries to distract us from what´s important. Try not to let
things distract you from scriptures and prayers. Cause really they help quite a bit. I love you guys. Talk to you later.

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