Monday, May 16, 2016

The Miracles of Waiting

From Elder Monzingo. The weather today in Obidos is 81 (feels like 89) and cloudy:

First off, funny story. Our zone leaders decided to come here this
week. So we are about 8 hours on a boat ride from Santarém, where they
live. So they went to go catch the boat, but when they got there it
had already left. So there´s a boat that goes to another city where
there are missionaries that makes a stop in Óbidos. So they got on
that one. But whenever the boat made said stop they thought they had
about 10 minutes. Not the 2 that it really is. So when they looked up
they saw the boat turning and freaked out. but it was too late. Soo
they went another 3 hours to Oriximiná. Where they caught a bus ride
and lost their phone.  Fours hours later they show up in the church with
shorts and t-shirts on. And yeah. It was both really annoying and
super funny. It was a little, ``These are the guys that are supposed
to be responsible for us but it´s us taking care of them´´ But yeah.
Honestly though they are really cool. It was nice having them here for
a time. 

This week we had a baptism that without a doubt was a
miracle. Elson is the boyfriend of one of the members here in the
ward. He´s been coming to church for truthfully about 2 months with
her. But in the past whenever we asked him if he had time to meet with
us to learn more he always said no. One or two times the question was
``You don´t have 10 minutes to listen to the words of Jesus Christ´´
 So we just left him to come to church and whatever else. And
so last Sunday my companion was standing next to him and asked him if
he was liking church. He responded ``yeah. I think I´m gonna get
baptized this week.´´ 
So we went through all the lessons with him,
which was really more of a review cause he has already been taught by
other missionaries before us. But it was just a gradual thing that he
went to church and got the desire. 

Lots of times I think it becomes
easy to focus on getting the people who are ready to accept the gospel
now or whatever when there are a lot of people that are ready. Just
maybe slightly slower than we´d like. That really do need to just feel
the spirit a bit more in their lives through church or scriptures or
whatever. So at times just leave it to wait. That doesn´t mean give up
or anything. You gotta get them to church and to read the scriptures
and you don´t get to give up on them. But let them feel the spirit
without feeling like you´re pressing on them to do something more. I
love you guys. Have a great week.

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