Monday, March 28, 2016


From Elder Monzingo:

So I got to admit that yesterday was rather strange. Not cause like no
chocolate bunnies or eggs or whatever, which they do that stuff down
here still but yeah. But I guess it´s just this ward that I´m in right
now or maybe the town in general but like Easter passed like it was
just some other regular Sunday. Like no classes about Easter, no talks
about Easter, I think I was actually the only one who even said
Easter. Friday one of the larger catholic churches in town had
this presentation about the life of Christ or something that was
essentially from what I´ve heard a large play in the streets starting
from temptations in the wilderness to some point after the
resurection. But apparently its like 4 or 5 hours and we didn't watch
it at all. But I heard that at the part where Christ resurected it
wasn't him that did it. An angel, after they rolled the stone away from
the tomb told him to arise and walk. Which is honestly rather funny I
think. But yeah. One of the strangest most unEastery Easters. Not sure
what I think. But I did buy some chocolate for us the day before so
that was good. But anywho this week went rather well other than this.
As I think I might have said before we are teaching a pastor of
another church who is honestly one of the most intelligent people that
I have ever met. Also it appears as though he has the entire bible
memorized which is rather cool and he really actually seems to
understand just about everything correctly. But he´s excited about
conference this week. We told him about it and were like, We just ask
that you go to one, and he said, I want to go to all 4 sessions I just
don't know if I´ll have the time but you guys told me a week in advance
which means I have a better chance. So yeah. It´s really rather nice
having people to teach that understand the message, want to learn, and
have questions. Wish we had more people like him. But other than that
the week was rather straight forward. Anywho, love you guys! Happy
(late) Easter!

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