Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Prophet

Letter from Elder Monzingo:

Well this week we had an interesting thing happen. This one family
that we started teaching we taught the restoration up until prophets
then returned and finished the lesson another day. Well we were
finishing with "and we have a prophet today, his name is Thomas Spencer
Monson." My companion had a picture of him on his planner so we showed
the picture, well Lucinalva?(I think  that´s her name) the mom of the
family said, "oh I know this guy", and we were thinking, oh shoot, what
anti-LDS propaganda is it likely that she viewed, and she said "a
friend showed me a video of this guy speaking one times and his words
comforted me and helped me a lot in a time of need." That was awesome!
Always count on the prophet. He helps and prepares without you knowing
and seriously is the person through whom our Heavenly Father speaks.
But in other news I ate cacau this week. Cacau is more commonly known
among those who speak English as cocoa. I don't have pictures of it but
my companion does so I´ll try to send them later. But it´s kinda like
a pomegranate in that it´s eaten in the same manner. The part you don't
eat is the actual bean that they use to make chocolate. But its fairly
sweet. I like it. Also last night I got a little taste of home, we had
family fight night. We went and visited the family of Josiel, who is
the father of the 3 girls that we baptized this week, and they have 6
kids 2 of which are under 3. So it was very remniscent of family home
evenings past. But like I said we had the baptisms of the 3 oldest
girls in that family. Josiel and his wife have been members for about
4 years I think but became inactive. Then they moved here and are
coming back to activity in the church and their 3 oldest daughters,
Yasmin, Bia, and Laticia, were baptized this past Saturday. So that
was rather cool. My companion has more pictures than me cause his
camera is better so later I´ll try to send some more of those. But at
the very least I do have a picture of the family. But that really
seems to be mostly it I think. Oh this coming week we have our Zone
conference with the mission president and the assistants are doing a
split with us on Thursday. So that should be interesting. But yeah
that´s really about it for this week so yeah. I love you guys. Stay

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