Monday, March 21, 2016

Zone Conference

News from Elder Monzingo:

We had our zone conference with the mission president this week. That
was preceeded by a split with the assistants. They had a split with
the zone leaders and then had to pick another place to go do a split
and they chose Ă“bidos. Probably because one of them had his first area
here. But that was pretty cool. And anyway, I got my patriarichal
blessing again! Really happy about that. But yeah. Anywho I also met
Elder Smith who earlier in the transfer he told my companion that he
knew me and I´ve been trying to figure out from where. Turns out that
it´s just by association and that he actually was friends with a
certain Sister Ruiz during their MTC time. So that was pretty cool to
be able to talk with him and stuff. But this past week we started
teaching a pastor that actually made the contact with us. But he is
actually very recpetive he wants to learn and understand our messages.
And on a lot of different doctrinal points and stuff he says, makes
sense. Not just that but when we talked about the fact that the church
today is the same as it was when Christ was on the earth he pulled out
a scripture that said something along the lines of the ways of the
lord are ancient or something. So yeah. But there´s a little bit
between my companion and I that´s like, Hopefully he doesnt just want
to preach this stuff in his church and is actually looking for truth.
Which I think he is but then again, you never know. Love you guys
Elder Daniel Monzingo

Jacob sent Daniel a Star Wars Valentine with a Yoda tattoo. Here is the tattoo. It is supposed to be Yoda. Good thing it will wash off.

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